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Winners of crisis

Are chosen the best Russian companies of 2009

the Columned hall of the House of the unions past week has collected under the arches of leaders of business of this year. On the well-known scene which knowing still Vladimir Lenin and has successfully lived to Dmitry Medvedev, chose winners of the National award in the field of business the Company of year .

All gathered understood the importance of event. The award of 2009 had special weight - it was handed over to the companies which have proved in the heaviest crisis year. This fact was noted also by the vice-president of committee on economic policy, business and the property of the Federation Council Andrey Hazin: Today the companies which have taken place very serious way within crisis year were awarded. As well as 11 years ago, today we mark those who, despite a serious call of a world economic crisis, could prove to be assured, successful and effective. It was heavy, but it is teamwork and owners, both management, and employees of the companies. It also belief in success of the companies of their consumers and clients. In general, today that case when we award those people who cement a society the successful work .

this year cemented a society according to advisory council, 50 companies in the most different nominations and branches. Among winners there were also beginners (for example, the winner in a nomination Opening of year - agency of real estate Est - a - Tet), and those who enters from year to year number of leaders of the industry ( Norilsk nickel KamAZ, VTB the Capital X5 Retail Group). Among the best Russian companies there was a considerable number of hi-tech and innovative manufactures. Sitroniks has won nomination Hi - Tech, Taksky became the leader in a nomination IT - the company Ayr - a Telecom - Holdnig - in a nomination Telecommunications company B2B - Center has won a nomination Information technology spetsnominatsija For the contribution to development branches (information technology) has been awarded FGUP scientific research institute Rising .

the Award the Company of year which is spent already the eleventh time, passes under patronage Trading - industrial chamber (TPP) the Russian Federation. At ceremony of rewarding vice-president TPP Sergey Katyrin has read a greeting of the president of chamber Evgenie Primakov. this year the companies survive first of all at the expense of ability to make not ordinary decisions - Evgenie Maksimovich has reminded all. Participants and visitors of ceremony approvingly nodded, taking all personally.

from a general series chairman of board of directors UK " was beaten out only; the Three Dialogue Pavel Tepluhin who preferred to speak more about advance payments on the future. The today`s award about the future. Because the Russian manufacturers had a rare chance to win the share in the market which has become hardly less competitive - it is assured g - n Tepluhin.

the Former head of the Central bank of Russia Victor Gerashchenko with the great pleasure told to curious journalists that solves today not so state problems, and is engaged in education of the favourite four-year great-grandson. Having returned for a while to affairs economic, g - n Gerashchenko has reminded about increased in result of crisis interest to Charles Marx`s works, having suggested to draw a corresponding conclusion.

executive vice-president RSPP Alexander Murychev has more in detail depicted gathered positive shifts in domestic economy: Inflation following the results of a year appears at level of 9 %, the refinancing rate accordingly decreases, gold and exchange resources grow, capital export " decreases;. However has not allowed time to be glad to the sounded facts, having warned what to hurry up with conclusions about the crisis end all the same yet does not cost.

If tomorrow war

Discharged unduly business atmosphere of evening vitse - the speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He from approval of associates afforded is intolerable to speak long on a scene about greatness of Russian KamAZov, and also marked uniqueness of the award: Such other similar award in general is not present at all business. Here we see those who really works, reaches economic successes. It is very important to know, what company is successful and in what its achievements consist. The others should struggle for it . The leader of LDPR has compared crisis to a flu and has sounded the general thought what exactly in heavy conditions is especially important whom award: Even if war will be, we begin to continue to award businessmen, let this award becomes tradition for decades .

Ceremony of rewarding left very much on - business dynamical. Memorable awards were handed over in view of a considerable quantity of nominations quickly enough, and gathered, in turn, did not linger, actively using the possibility given to it for dialogue and prompting of business contacts. wait, then we will talk over, to me Rosljaka should be caught still - one of businessmen hurried up. In the answer its interlocutor has significantly raised the eyebrows, and all who stood nearby, have understood: it is a question of the assistant to the mayor of Moscow whom not everyone still presumes to catch .

And to catch as always, was whom. Among visitors of ceremony have been noticed the chairman of board of directors of the company Vimm - the Bill - Dann David Jakobashvili, the president of Association of Russian banks Garegin Tosunjan, governors of the Tver and Ivanovo areas Dmitry Zelenin and Michael Men, vice-president GD of Federal meeting Svetlana Zhurova, the general director of the Center of political technologies Igor Bunin, the chairman of the Commission of Human Rights Ella Pamfilova, artist Nikas Safronov both others quite recognised and respected persons.