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Not all bubbles were blew off

Kudrin predicts again a long exit of Russia from crisis

the Economic crisis is still far from end, despite some optimistic indicators of economy. Such sad statement has made today vitse - the prime minister, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin at opening in Moscow the first Russian economic congress.

it seems to me that the crisis bottom still will be stretched - quotes the Prime - TASS the message of the head of the Ministry of Finance which, apparently, has definitively replaced the role of the pessimist. In opinion g - on Kudrin, now a number of fundamental economic indicators remain still weak. He has underlined that after some improvement not all bubbles were blew off .

Bad debts still exist, unemployment more slowly, but grows, world trade more slowly, but falls - the Minister of Finance has declared. Alexey Kudrin has especially noted a foreign trade difficult situation. Russia on 30 - 50 % has reduced a trade turnover with the partners, the situation up to the end was not resolved - has informed vitse - the prime minister. For this reason, despite sharpness removal financially - an economic crisis, g - n Kudrin considers that in the world in the near future not to avoid creation of global institutes for regulation of economy and an estimation of the international financial risks.

creation of such institutes and tools does not depend on desire or readiness of the separate countries - Alexey Kudrin on the congress has informed. It has cited as an example a recent meeting the big twenty in Italy where discussion about postcrisis financial architecture and creation of the international system of financial regulation was actively conducted. Leaders of the developed economy have designated this tool of regulation the global standard Which should combine the best experience of the separate countries and have world coverage. we it named an economic charter or the frame agreement - has told g - n Kudrin. However, as he said, definitively developed document still is not present, but principles are already defined and proclaimed .

At present under the agreement all leaders " have subscribed; the twenty . But even here has not done without problems: Alexey Kudrin has told that not all leading countries would like to obey to these rules .

the First Russian economic congress has opened today in Moscow. In it participate about 1500 Russian and foreign scientists. According to organizers, action urged to liquidate split among economists, to find ways of an overcoming the crisis and to create offers on improvement socially - an economic situation of Russia. The congress will last seven days.


Kudrin predicts again a long exit of Russia from crisis