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Climatic scandal

in Copenhagen can affect the agreement leak of the data about an estimation of the human factor

Today in Copenhagen there begins work the international conference on climate change. Replacement signing to the Kiotsky report which action comes to an end in 2012 becomes its result. However it is literally before action opening large scandal with announcement of correspondence of leaders klimatologov, subjecting to the big doubt a correctness of measurement of influence of the person on global warming has burst. According to experts, it can essentially correct the total document.

it is a question of leak of an order of 100 messages from correspondence by e-mail of the British scientists - klimatologov, whose calculations undertook as the incontestable proof of influence of the anthropogenous factor on global warming. From the letters which have got on a general review (they have appeared in an easy approach on the Internet) follows that on the eve of a meeting of world leaders in Copenhagen scientists from centre of science Climatic Research Unit working at University of East Anglia, have corrected the key data about climate change.

CRU is the expert organisation recognised all over the world, one of the most authoritative sources of the information on increase of global temperatures. The Intergovernmental commission of experts leans against its data on climate change - the structure of the United Nations co-ordinating global counteraction to climate change. Now conclusions Climatic Research Unit are under suspicion.

scandalous letters have started to appear in the Network since November, 21st. Some of them are dated 1996. From correspondence follows that the head of the centre professor Fil Johns who has some time ago left the post, and its colleagues try to manipulate figures and to hide the initial data from the researchers adhering to the opposite point of view.

Perchinku in all it has added investigation of British newspaper The Mail on Sunday, ostensibly found out that the hackers who have cracked e-mail at University of East Anglia, used a small web - the server in Tomsk. In Britain consider that the Russian special services have taken a hand in hacker attack: Russia - one of the world`s largest manufacturers and oil and gas consumers - has personal interest in counteraction to the new agreement on reduction of emissions which will be discussed by country leaders of the world in Copenhagen.

Now the British Meteorological bureau plans to reconsider the data about temperature for 160 years, recognising that the trust of a society to the scientific data about influence of the person on global warming has been destroyed by e-mail leak. The analysis of the data will take three years that means that the Meteorological bureau will not have possibility to declare with absolute confidence about influence of the anthropogenous factor till the end of 2012. At the same time the country government tries to stop meteorologists from carrying out of this audit, asserting that it will suit the sceptics calling in question the fact of climate change.

Affirms that the juggling of the data could have only one reason. According to newspaper The Sunday Times, still before there was a leak of letters, scientists vainly tried to explain that fact that, contrary to their forecasts, the temperature on a planet over the last ten years has not risen to a new maximum.

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