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Phantom purchase Bashhima

the Company applies for factory which already buys Belgian Solvay

Board of directors sterlitamakskogo the enterprises Soda entering into holding Bashhim has approved purchase of Bereznjakovsky soda factory (BSZ). The decision looks strange as Sodium Group, owner BSZ, has already agreed about sale of this active for 160 million euro to the Belgian group Solvay. In Sodium Group and Solvay assure that the transaction is close to end and about plans Soda they do not know.

the Belgian chemical and pharmaceutical concern Solvay SA in September declared purchase at Sodium Group Bereznjakovsky soda factory and Berhimproma for 160 million euro. To close the transaction it was planned in the beginning of 2010. Before transaction end it was necessary to settle also a question with the company Bashhim at which BSZ is in trust management since 2007.

Meanwhile last Friday entering in Bashhim sterlitamaksky factory Soda has opened the information on results of session of board of directors of the enterprise which have taken place on November, 30th. From Open Society message Soda follows that the factory board of directors has approved the transaction on purchase at Sodium Group actions of Bereznjakovsky soda factory (97 % of ordinary and 74,58 % of preference shares). Neither the price, nor other details of the approved transaction do not reveal. In to Soda could not comment on the given message. In Bashhime comments have refused.

owner Sodium Group Valery Zakoptelov does not know, why Soda has made such decision without the coordination with them. He has assured daily that all arrangements with Belgian Solvay will hold good. He has told that Bashhim repeatedly suggested to redeem BSZ, but Sodium Group the offer of Belgians seemed more attractive. G - n Zakoptelov says that the transaction on factory sale will be finished in the near future, and notices that on December, 1st with Bashhimom the contract on trust management BSZ has been terminated. In federal antimonopoly service (FAS) have informed that Soda did not submit the petition for purchase BSZ.

In Solvay have expressed bewilderment by the decision of board of directors Soda . As the representative of the company has told daily, following the results of a year audit bereznjakovskogo factory will be booked. After that, and also after reception of approval FAS the transaction will be finished.

on a site most BSZ also it is underlined that about the contract Bashhimom has been terminated on December, 1st and since January, 2010 sale of production of the enterprise will be carried out a daughter Solvay. The representative of the Belgian company is assured that the decision of board of directors Soda any consequences will not have and is simply a demarche.