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At Echo Moscow for 20 years huge safety factor " was developed;

Interview to the general director of radio station Echo Moscow Yury Fedutinovym

Echo Moscow - one of long-livers of an air and the first private colloquial radio station - about 20 years of existence has endured not one crisis. Despite 30 - percentage reduction of prices on advertising for last year, the radio station holds blow the general director " speaks; the Echo YURY FEDUTINOV., how on radio business as a whole and Echo Moscow in particular crisis, and also how the radio station builds work with regional divisions was reflected, he has told to the editor-in-chief daily in St.-Petersburg to ANDREY GORJANOVU.

- That has changed more for that time while you work as the general director of radio station, - external conditions or radio station?

- Echo Moscow as the radio project costs independently. It was the first radio project which has not been connected with the state participation. We now are going to note the radio station twentieth anniversary Echo Moscow and not without pride we remind that it is the first Russian it is frequent ­ nyj the radio project in territory of Russia.

doubly we are proud of that Echo Moscow never was considered as purely commercial radio station. But thus we always concerned it as to business, and nesmotrja, even contrary to all objective circumstances, we have taken place both as radio station, and as business. The most noncommercial project on radio has appeared the most long-playing.

- we mark year to crisis, whether it has affected on Echo Moscow and what conclusions you sde ­ lali from it?

- it is unconditional, crisis has affected us very strongly and from the most different parties. So, probably, following instructions of the president of Russia Not koshmarit business to reduce quantity of checks, we had exactly return bureaucratic reaction: in crisis year when to business it was obvious than to be engaged (for example, to keep workplaces), we had unprecedented quantity of checks in the diversified directions...

Besides, on launch of the advertising market in precritical 2007-2008 at many including the state regulator, had a sensation that on radio it is possible to gain enormous money. Therefore in a colloquial genre there were many projects which have tried to compete to us in this format. Certainly, I should tell that radio speakers have grown both in professionalism, and in understanding of that business in which they were going to be engaged. Including because many radio projects have taken place on the basis of our personnel reserve. I mean variety of radio stations: City - FM Business FM, any new ambitious projects which are built in other radio holdings. For today all these projects are anyhow financed by founders. For our radio station which practically were not knowing the period of financing, it is enough difficult situation. We with surprise ascertain that the radio station, which else has earned nothing for itself, can pay to the employees of the salary, in 1,5-2 times surpassing ours. The sensation is created that salary auctions exist to tear down another`s business, but not to construct the. As a result we lose people. Worse that, people lose us, finding nothing in exchange.

Then when through three - four months we meet these people on a labour market, we understand that them have enticed with Echo Moscow only to weaken positions of the competitor, and more for what. It, of course, not business. However at Echo Moscow for 20 years such safety factor was developed that this sort of receptions of anything, except a damage for own image and a purse, in the market will not achieve.

- How crisis has affected financial indicators of work?

- I am not authorised to open concrete figures. On radio it is absolutely not accepted to do it. I would not like to be here the first. However I want to tell that on those meetings which we spend with our colleagues on media holdings, our situation less dramatic, than at many. Certainly, crisis on all radio stations has struck painfully enough. However those radio stations which could find the niche which could prove both at advertisers, and at the listeners, well hold blow. Much better, than those who works in vysokokonkurentnoj to a niche.

the market platform of colloquial radio only is formed. It is impossible to tell that radio Echo Moscow works in the market because competes to projects which are dotatsionnymi and are financed from different casual sources.

- it is valid all radio stations of a colloquial genre dotatsionnye?

- There are radio stations which declare that they pay back themselves. We see that behind these words stand business - schemes which do these radio stations attractive in the market, for example for the further resale. In general much more radio stations which do not pay back itself and operate as not market structures.

- whether It was necessary to you to think up in connection with situation complication any new courses in an air?

- Certainly, we constantly suspect this theme. Ways a little. We will begin that, on the one hand, we were a part total radio which has offered Euro ­ pejskaja media group . It is impossible to tell that it has crucial importance for the radio station budget, but it is very interesting project which, certainly, deserves an appreciation. Just the same projects arise at other radio ­ Holdings.

Besides, Gazprom - Media has generated uniform sales - a house. It those steps by which does not only Echo Moscow but also other radio stations. It becomes, that radio station business had some points of support not to stand on one foot.

- you had not to increase quantity of advertising broadcasts?

- This part of business Echo Moscow traditionally feels safely enough. At us more considerable problems arise with radio rollers. In this respect we compete not only with radio stations of a colloquial genre, but also to musical radio stations, thus that them is non-comparable more. I should ascertain regretfully that there was a serious falling of quotations on advertising, to 30 %, and it should affect our budgets.

- whether It was necessary to you to do estimations at radio station cost Echo Moscow how business?

- business Cost can be estimated, only if it is exposed on sale. For today it is possible to tell that the Echo of Mosk ­ you it is not necessary anything, but in the same way it is possible to tell that Echo Moscow it is invaluable.

as develops Echo Moscow in regions?

- To us do not give new radio frequencies, and all of us time lose so-called competitions. It is humiliating enough reputatsionno. For radio station with 20 - summer experience, a unique format, huge audience, the international reputation to lose nesushchest ­ vujushchim any to boys - to girls which say about itself that they intend to do something, but still have shown nothing, - it is very humiliating. We understand, why it occurs.

and if it is serious, all regional branches are profitable organisations. Each local radio station not only pays back itself, but also makes for us small profit. It is important not only the profit expressed in money, is also coverage. For us it is important that we have a possibility of sale of federal advertising on regions: because on local radio advertising of the Moscow advertisers takes place, we here, in Moscow, earn is non-comparable more.

- As business " is organised; Echo Moscow in regions? There at you daughters or franshiznye relations? Also the profit of regional editions in incomes of the Moscow edition is how much great?

- In Peter the director Tatyana Kagljak is also the co-owner of the enterprise who posesses frequency. In Samara it a daughter Echo Moscow the same in Kazan, Ufa, Tomsk and etc. And in Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Penza, Perm, Omsk - the franchise. In lump of incomes the profit of regions makes insignificant size. Regional budgets, unfortunately, are non-comparable even to Peter.

- you are satisfied by how business and edition in Peter develops? Whether there is a desire something to change?

- the Complicated question, because the best is the enemy of the good. Attempts something to change occur daily. We do not try to change for the sake of the change. More recently in Petersburg the sales department has extended, there were changes in technical department and new journalists are typed.

Echo Moscow differs from other radio projects age audience which in the basic weight is more senior 40 years. It is not necessary to these people, that an aether constantly experimented. And in general - that it is not necessary to any radio station with the settled audience.

on air of such radio stations, as Autoradio Road radio Russian radio Retro Radio we hear strictly verified rotation of executors. At each radio station the set of characters which keep its audience. The same and with Echo Moscow .

However, the listener the Echo of Mosk ­ you more exacting, its rotation you will not keep. And we give to our listeners a variety of opinions. Today one visitor - the newsmaker has told that Okhta - the centre it is healthy, tomorrow already differently. Today Matvienkos sang osannu, and for the next day she is the worst governor of all times and the people. That is when we say that on radio Echo Moscow there is a constant rotation of opinions is is not perceived as constant changes in an aether, its this natural state. It also is a permanent job with the listener and for the listener.

- as you consider, why the Moscow aether always looks brighter than the Petersburg? Whether only from - for federalnosti?

- you estimate an aether as the professional. From the point of view of sociology Echo Moscow In Petersburg - very demanded radio station. But you have truly noticed our general headache. Painful history for any city. In Peter the aether looks less brightly, than Moscow, in the same way, as in Kazan, Yaroslavl, other cities. The reasons are very simple and obvious. In Moscow 200 persons, from them only producers who are engaged only in one - prompting of bridges, as forming of relations with people who come to us to an aether work, - it is a lot of. And in Peter, especially after Moscow has exhausted all juice and all a feather ­ went to work to Moscow, - whether there is that volume of people - newsmakers who can support an aether at the same level?

it is admissible, is. But also the quantity of advertising money needs to be contained in Peter those six persons whom we contain here, in Moscow which invite to us in an aether in due time any topovyh characters who do an aether such kachest ­ vennym what it at us is. It is the first moment.

the second moment - much depends on the person of the editor, from the person of the leader. I can not tell that at us search of people at regional level is not conducted: as soon as we find something bright, shaking - this person moves at once to work to Moscow, only not on Echo Moscow and on TV channel, or passes in Peter to TV channel. Level of salaries is non-comparable, certainly. Therefore the reproach is accepted.

is not reproach, it is the general tendency for all mass-media...

- Unfortunately, money, certainly is very important. At all thus that Echo Moscow in many respects the noncommercial project if we include an aether, we will hear, for example, performance of theatrical critics, literary critics and even businessmen on narrow enough specialised themes, or the representative of welfare fund will come to tell about the activity. It after all all noncommercial themes.

- However it profitable.

- Yes, but I would like to tell that people who invite to itself cultural, sports or political elite, too want to eat and they too have children.

there is one more very unpleasant moment to which all for a long time already have reconciled in the western radio business: journalists often assotsiirujut itself with those who to them comes. We will admit, the outstanding sportsman who including earns very good money comes. It has arrived by the beautiful car, with beautiful hours. And this journalist looks and thinks: this sportsman of all of times on any Olympic Games have seen, let and one million person, and to me daily listen 300-400 thousand, and I go on the Zhiguli and it on Audi . Also demands from the general director to raise the salary. And if the director cannot find balance, the journalist leaves on any entertaining TV channel. Let it therefrom in three months will leave, but the step - that is made. Journalists - they after all courageous people. This the first.

and the second is a vanity in good sense of this word. Thanks to what Echo Moscow in Moscow can keep against television, against foreign mass-media, against magazines, for example Newsweek, against the First channel where people leave, is an image, it is a brand, the quality symbol. In Peter at radio station the Echo of Petersburg the same quality symbol.

it too is highly appreciated among journalists. Quality of journalists which there work, - we will not exaggerate - good. Certainly, it is necessary to aspire to the best, and is where to aspire. But time our children - Xenia Larin, Natella Boltjansky, Ksjusha Basilashvili, Anton Oreh (I name at random) - manage to make a competition to stars of domestic and world level, means, something turns out. It is clear that it is not always equal, in the same way, as well as at show stars - business - probably, so always. It is a creativity question.

- you have strongly enough increased the representative ­ stvo on the Internet? It was materialised already in separate business?

is, of course, business - a platform. But at us a platform exactly on the contrary to how there was a business. At us oflajn passed in online. For today we cannot brag of successes from the point of view of yet business sew the Internet - platforms, but from the point of view of mass-media we consider this project supersuccessful because it is in the twenty of leading mass-media on the Internet. If we open Rambler or Mail. ru, we will see it in the twenty of leaders. From the point of view of business our site profitable because it to us costs nothing. To capitalise at us it it has not turned out, though we try, but it does not turn out yet. We are engaged in sales on a site and we earn a little.

- you have some joint projects, in particular with RTVi. You are satisfied by this project? It is an information component or business - interest? And whether it is possible to expect other similar projects?

- At us also others from time to time emerge similar short ­ urgent or long-term projects. For example, short-term with TV channel the Star ; with STS we tried to make something, but it has not so turned out. In Moscow with we had a project, then we have passed to other form, but communication with TV channel remained. As to RTVi is an old story. It is interesting to us and from the point of view of business, but first of all this world name, and effect of self-advertisement is important.