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In 2009 the general boxing have most strongly suffered - the film display office in Russia has decreased almost on 9 %, to 738,7 million dollars the Share of the Russian films in it was essentially reduced. There were also serious changes in the film distribution market. Company UPI in the lead throughout several years has replaced prokatchik a film 2012 company BVSPR. To it has got more than 27 % of the general boxing - office.

results 2009 film rolling years have been sounded at the conference which have passed on Friday the Russian cinematography: results of year and development prospect . So, in dollar calculation the domestic market of film display has given on 8,7 % and it has made 738,7 million dollars In rouble calculation has grown - on 15,4 %, to 23,1 mlrd rbl. a little, has counted up magazine the Bulletin kinoprokatchika .

According to the general director of communication group the Planet the Inform Dmitry Litvinova, The gain of gathering in roubles is in a greater degree caused by growth of cost of tickets . So, in 2009 its average cost in Russia has made 165 rbl. against 148 rbl. year before. Growth of attendance of cinemas was considerably slowed down. It is connected first of all with falling of incomes of the population. So, in 2009 film rolling year cinemas have visited 139,9 million Russians. The gain in relation to 2008 has made 3,9 % whereas attendance of cinemas in 2008 has grown in comparison with 2007 - m on 20,8 %.

decrease in number of active cinema-goers (18-30 years) can become the Trend of next several years, experts consider. According to the general director of the company nevafilm Research Oleg Berezina, by 2020 their number can be reduced to 40 % . According to Dmitry Litvinova, a situation in the film display market this year have rescued summer blockbusters and channel (removed at support of TV channels. - daily) teleprojects . Among them first of all it is necessary to note a film the Glacial age - 3 become this year the champion on cash gathering. They have made almost 1,4 mlrd rbl., or 44,7 million dollars the Film have looked almost at 8,5 million spectators. On the second place on boxing - to office a film 2012 the collected 978,8 million rbl., or 34,1 million dollars

Thus - 10 on gathering have got to a top at once five films of the Russian manufacture. Is in the lead among them Taras Potatoes with the budget of 516 million the rbl. which have been removed with support of TV channel Russia . It has collected in hire of 575,2 million rbl., or 17,2 million dollars It has taken the fifth place in a top - 10. However as a whole the share of the Russian cinema in general boxing - office was reduced to 23,68 %. In the last some years it was kept at level of 26,4 %. The general gathering of the Russian cinema has made in 2009 5,5 mlrd rbl., or 176 million dollars In hire there were 88 Russian pictures. At them have looked at 34,4 million spectators. Dmitry Litvinov notices that 70 % of the Russian films collecting the big boxing - office, are supported by the central TV channels .

However the considerable changes following the results of a year have occurred in the film distribution market. The permanent leader throughout last several years company UPI has gone down on the fifth line a top - 10 from shares of the market of 7,67 %. Last year it made 24,5 % (according to magazine Film business today ). This year with the big separation is in the lead prokatchik films 2012 and Christmas history company BVSPR. The company share in the market has made 27 % (the data the Bulletin kinoprokatchika ) against 14,6 % (the data Film business today ) Year before. The second place on gathering at the company Karo the Prime minister / Karoprokat from shares of the market of 18,59 %. Serious break this year was made by the company Tsentral Partnership / CP Classic. Its share in the market has made 17,33 % against 7,8 % year before. It has collected almost 4 mlrd rbl., or 124,9 million dollars Dmitry Litvinov has noticed that the film service market in Russia at last is generated.

more than 95 % the boxing - office is collected by ten leaders distri ­ bjutorov. Mail. ru says goodbye with Yandex

Mail. ru can refuse use of services Yandex as the search car for the site from - for unwillingness brendirovat search. As has assumed daily a top - the manager of one of large the Internet - the companies, a place of the Russian searcher, probably, will get Google. It can be declared next week. If Google can receive 10 - percentage search share Mail. ru in a Runet can come nearer from 33 % to to Yandex which for today occupies about 59 % (an estimation of search share LiveInternet). However the basic participants of the prospective transaction officially refuse to make comments on an event. The head of representation Google in Russia Vladimir Dolgov has declared what to make comments on hearings does not intend. With the same formulations have politely refused and company Mail. ru. The director for development of media products Yandex the Lion Glazer also heard nothing about possible change of a search cursor on Mail. ru. However it has reminded that at Mail. ru the agreement with Yandex on which resources of the searcher were not brendirovany. In the company Yandex daily have told that the contract with Mail. ru, according to which services Yandex were given on the condition of anonymity, comes to an end in the end of the year and the company has suggested it to prolong on new conditions brendirovanija the search. Possible arrival Google can be connected with preservation of anonymity of search, - one of participants of the market assumes. - or he could offer the best conditions of cooperation . ALEXANDER KLENIN

the Top - 10 profit-making films of film rolling 2009


the Name

the Director

Gathering, million dollars

Spectators, million people


the Glacial age : Ayr Dinosaurs /

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurus

Carlos Saldana




2012 / 2012

Roland Emmerih




Manned island. A film the First

Feodor Bondarchuk




Harry Potter And the Prince - the Half-blooded /

Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince

David Jejts




Taras Potatoes. Zaporozhye Sech

Vladimir Bortko




Transformers : Revenge p adshih /

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Michael Bej




high security Vacation

Igor Zajtsev




Love - carrots - 2

Maxim Pezhemsky





Valery Todorovsky




the Forcing 4 / Fast & Furious 4

Justin Lin



the Source: the Bulletin kinoprokatchika