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Changeable subscribers

in 2010 operators will spend 70 mlrd roubles for their deduction

In 2009 user`s base of the Russian operators of cellular communication will grow on 20 million and will make about 208 million, the independent expert and the former top - the manager " has counted up; Euronetworks Vladimir Bogdanov. In 2010 this indicator will grow for 7 million According to the expert, outflow of subscribers becomes the basic problem for the market - for a year more than 90 million subscribers will replace the operator. Expenses of the companies for outflow indemnification will make in 2010 not less than 70 mlrd roubles.

the gain of federal cellular operators in 2009 in Russia will make hardly less than 600 mlrd roubles, in 2010 - nearby 650 mlrd roubles, has counted up g - n Bogdanov. The quantity realised SIM - cards in 2009 all cellular operators of Russia will make 97 million, and in 2010 it will grow a little and will make about 103 million pieces.

The Quantity of retails of cellular telephones in the primary market in 2009 in Russia will make 28,1 million pieces at a gain nearby 140 mlrd roubles. In 2010 the percent of phones bought on replacement already available, and retails will grow will increase in quantitative expression to 30 million pieces. Thus retail cost of a cellular telephone in roubles will increase slightly and the total gain in the market from retails will make nearby 160 mlrd roubles. If operators start the program of subsidised phones from the second quarter 2010 middle the quantity of cellular telephones will reach 32 million pieces at a total gain 175 mlrd roubles, is told in presented Bogdanovym research.