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Has occupied on modernisation

Russia will allocate to Kazakhstan 3 mlrd dollars

On Friday on Council of foreign investors in Astana the government of Kazakhstan has declared intention to spend 67 mlrd dollars on industrial projects which should lower dependence of the country on natural resources. A part of this sum - more than 3 mlrd dollars - Astana have given the Russian banks. In Russia on modernisation of such credits they do not give out. The government of Kazakhstan has already counted up that the Russian banks will allocate east to the neighbour more than 3 mlrd dollars for various industrial projects. The part of means will be spent for realisation of large-scale building of power unit N3 of the Ekibastuzsky state district power station - 2. The foreign trade and investment bank and the Euroasian bank of development (EABR) will give on an equal footing multiple currency 15 - the summer credit for 770 million dollars

As has informed daily a source in EABR, the bank on it is not going to stop: Already there are negotiations about granting to Kazakhstan of means and for other industrial projects. As, addressing to foreign investors among whom there were also representatives of the Russian oil giant - LUKOIL, the president of republic Noursultan Nazarbayev has openly declared that at present the government works over laws which will oblige investors to take part in national economy modernisation literally. However, according to the economist of bank ING of Tatyana Orlovoj to put means in the Kazakh economy stimulate investors the tax amendments not so long ago brought in the legislation of the republic next to Russia much more.

in the Ministry of Finance daily have confirmed delivery of the first credits to Kazakhstan. But have refused to speak about conditions on which means have been given­. Did not begin to open and the maximum size of loans on modernisation.

much more Russia - nearby 12 mlrd dollars - Astana are ready to give the Chinese banks. By words g - zhi Orlovoj, credits from China - an evident illustration of active escalating of cooperation of Kazakhstan from the Peoples Republic of China, and also with other Asian countries this year. In crisis there it is the most easier to involve money.

Noursultan Nazarbayev`s overall objective - to get rid of raw orientation of the country. According to national statvedomstva, the country possessing of 3,2 % of world`s reserves of oil, for first ten months of this year has increased extraction “ oil “ on 7,8 %, to 63 million t. But constantly to increase extraction and incomes of raw materials sale it will not turn out. But oil incomes have allowed to endure crisis in bank system of the country (on it has left 19 mlrd dollars) Also will serve as a guarantee for modernizatsionnyh credits. As in 2009 the neighbour of Russia has shown rates of increase of gross national product on 1,5 % (calculations UBS), and in 2010 and #8209; the m predicts growth on 5 %

Volume of means which Astana waits from Russia, we will compare with scales of anti-recessionary fund. In 2010 it will make 150 mlrd rbl. Money therefrom is planned, by words the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin, to direct “ in real sector “ (the statement from October, 30th).

About that, how many on modernisation are ready to give out the state and commercial banks, authorities did not speak. They have no such credit programs.