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Vanity round sausage

Germany has overflowed the next wave of reduction of prices

the Next reduction of prices on articles of food has begun in Germany in the end of last week. From the beginning of year Germans have worried some sharp collapses of the prices for products, in particular on a flour and sugar. Now has come it is time to become cheaper to meat and sausage products. In fight for the buyer have rushed network diskauntery Aldi, Lidl, Penny, Netto and Norma. However, local experts notice that falling of the prices this time not such sharp as it happened earlier.

Aldi Sud has lowered the prices for 11 kinds of sausages in limits from 2,4 to 6 %. In particular, the high-quality salami, some kinds of a liverwurst, a cutlet have fallen in price. Reduction of prices more than on 20 kinds of sausages has declared and Penny, affiliated diskaunter concern Rewe. Official representatives of the largest in Germany in this sector ritejlerov Edeka and Rewe also declared intention to lower a price threshold on meat products of own marks.

in trading network Norma along with smoked and boiled sausages, and also gammons the prices and for other products, for example fruit juice and sunflower-seed oil are lowered. The representative diskauntera Netto Christina Styljanu has declared that this year will become history as year of the buyer and Andreas Kremer from concern Rewe has explained a situation favourable procurement prices . The matter is that now in the market of Germany considerable surplus of offers of pork and as by manufacture of sausages its share is rather considerable is observed, it allows to reduce the end production price.

the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, a food and protection of the rights of the consumer in Berlin Ralf Brokhauz has explained daily that In this sector in Germany now there is very rigid competition between diskaunterami, and a margin there are extremely small in comparison with other countries . Thus the interlocutor was sceptical about publications in which present reduction of prices on sausage products is named the twelfth wave of reduction of prices for this year .

If to remember price wars of networks - diskaunterov in the market of foodstuff of Germany, storming in the autumn of this year in October falling of cost of a flour and sugar in German shops has made 36 and 19 % accordingly. The main characters then were Aldi and Lidl. G - n Brokhaus has noticed that at them in the ministry basically anybody does not conduct calculations of waves of reduction of prices, as the prices can fall or grow, changing every week .