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The wild panther

the Test - BMW X6M drive

last year BMW company has presented charged the version of the compartment - off-road car X6. And only now the car which has received prestigious bukovku M in the name, has arrived to Russia. It will be how much good to feel it in the blocked Moscow streets?

perhaps, BMW - the unique manufacturer in the world which so scrupulously concerns the charged to cars. And if engineering studio of competitors for deep tuning takes usual civil versions of cars BMW arrives on - to another. As a matter of fact, M - versions almost have with them no anything the general and as in races NASCAR, only on body outlines remind distant relatives. At the heart of similar cars another lies on a chassis design, other power structure of a body, more than 80 % of details are developed specially from unique alloys and materials, including from ugleplastika. The complex approach differs the raised complexity which conducts to overdue issue sports emok but it puts tjuningovannye BMW cars on inaccessible height from the point of view of technical characteristics and consumer qualities.


New X6M not an exception. The car is constructed in the best traditions of M - structures. To distinguish it from private soldiers 6 it is possible without effort on an advanced weather-cloth and additional air inlets in a bumper. In the rest it looks almost as, and only small shildik on a back door testifies to an uneasy origin of this compartment - an off-road car.

in salon of changes it is a little, except for expensive skin and some functions inherent only in expensive versions. The wheel is upholstered by a skin with a dark blue line and a lining, paternal became chubby and soft. He is pleasant for having control over. In multimedia system iDrive options of a steering, rigidity of shock-absorbers, characteristics of the engine, a transmission and the various systems which are responsible for stabilisation on road during maneuvers and at braking have hidden. With their help it is possible to adjust the car to especially individual style of driving. And activation of this individual mode is made by the unique button M located on a wheel.

to Use it it is convenient. For example, before fulfilment of dangerous overtaking, that is during the moment when it is really necessary, the driver can press the button, and the car as if having received an adrenaline large dose, is rushed forth. To describe sensations which thus you test, it is impossible. The silent and softly working motor suddenly turns to an animal. After button pressing M Under a cowl at the same turns and speed terrible uterine growl which at gas addition the roar distributed at the moment of attack turns in fighting paralizujushchy a victim is distributed. The car as if squats on hinder legs and with a small delay, as if a bullet, vystrelivaet forward. Speed is typed so quickly that becomes necessarily terrible from such mad speed of a compartment.

a transmission while translating the selector in sports - the mode keeps turns on border with a red zone. Judges of a manual mode also are not avoided. Under a wheel petals of compulsory switching of transmission have hidden.

m - the suspension bracket behaves ideally. At fast maneuvers in turns and on an arch of lists practically is not present, and the car twists in turn without any impulses to a pulling down. At gas addition the intellectual full drive distributes the moment between wheels so that the car itself is stabilised on an arch. The distribution scheme thus can be observed on the screen iDrive. Red arrows show, what wheel has bolshy the moment, but to admire a picture in a condition unless the passenger. At last, in a mode of M gasoline consumption such that the arrow literally in the face of moves to a zero mark.


It is necessary to tell that associates perfectly isolate from a stream of the car of BMW - in particular in M - a package - and will not fail to define position. Sometimes it accepts comical forms when the owner of any Mercedes-Benz AMG is arranged sideways and by a blinking of headlights or engine growl suggests to be urged on on night Moscow streets. Similar arrivals are threat not only for owners of expensive cars, but also for other participants of movement, and to participate in this sort of madness there is no desire.

fortunately, X6M is able and likes to go slowly that so it is important for daily operation. The transmission imperceptibly and softly clicks steps. The car is similar to the elastic rubber ball which does not have any rigid details. In BMW all is adjusted in such a manner that there is no sensation of working knots: the car is perceived as a unit. In salon silently and easy, and it is enough to release a brake pedal as the car is silently dispersed, as if driven not by the engine, and any magic powers.

in this respect BMW X6M reflects really German character. At aggressive and graceful appearance of a panther the car likes to make up and the pleasure not only a mad drive, but also the verified practicality gives. A lack at BMW X6M, perhaps, only one. It is the high price. But after all perfection cannot belong to much.

Hot off-road cars

Model and competitors


Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

the Engine

8 - cylinder, V - figurative

8 - cylinder, V - figurative

Volume of the engine, cubic sm



Rated power, l. With. At about./ minute

555/ 6000

550/ 6000

the Maximum twisting moment, Nanometer at about./ minute

680/ 1500

750/ 2250

the Transmission

Automatic 6 - step

Automatic 6 - step

the Drive



the Maximum speed, km/ ch



Acceleration 0 - 100 km/ ch, with



Fuel consumption (a city cycle), l/ 100 km



the Insurance, %



Average cost THAT, rbl.



the car Price, rbl.

5 250 000

7 557 000

Sources: BMW, Porsche