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Space attraction

Space­ ShipTwo

the British billionaire Richard Brenson presented yesterday the plane which can soon deliver tourists in space “ in total “ for 200 thousand dollars

the Child of engineer Berta Rutena under name Space­ ShipTwo is capable to take aboard six passengers and two pilots. Its test flights will begin next year. Well and the first commercial start will occur in 2011-2012.

company Virgin Galactic belonging to Richard Brensonu and company Aabar Invest­ ments about a staff - apartment in Abu - Dabi, reports that already 300 adventurers have from every corner of the globe paid in total 40 million dollars making flight on SpaceShipTwo. For so impressive payment it is offered 2,5 - the hour flight which maximum height will make 100 km over a terrestrial surface.

the sense of yesterday`s presentation was reduced to the following: The huge base - raketonositel WhiteKnightTwo in a big way wings of 42,7 m has carried out delivery SpaceShipTwo to height of 15,2 km on which there was their separation. There tourists could test five minutes of weightlessness.

space experts predict that suborbital flights from entertainment will pass in due course in a rank of business travel of following generation (we will tell, time of flight to Hong Kong will make of London three hours), and then become the same routine, as usual flights. After all with development of demand and, possibly, with the increasing availability of similar flights the infrastructure for them will develop also.