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New Year`s gold-rush

Investors have decided to wait share calm

As company BDO, in November under the influence of nervousness ­ in the financial markets informs ­ gold as a traditional active - the refuge, has found again popularity at investors­­: its cost has sharply grown - more than on 14 %. Experts believe that investors have much taken pleasure letne - in autumn race in stock market and have decided to wait winter calm in more reliable ­ active.

experts notice that in the near future popularity of gold will grow also it will continue to rise in price. So, analysts JP Morgan predicts a rise in prices for gold the next months almost on 10 %, to 1,3 thousand dollars for ounce. “ in essence, gold looks overestimated, but at present demand from consumers and investors the stop of its price is improbable “ - experts JP Morgan mark. In their opinion, now investors are disturbed by inflationary risks and shift means in reliable actives, gold is basic of which. We will notice that from the beginning of year gold already has risen in price almost for 30 %.

In November the majority of PIFS have not interested investors in the profitableness. Real rouble profitableness of best of open PIFS of actions has made only 9,35 %, best of PIFS of bonds has shown 4,34 % of profitableness. We will notice that real rouble profitableness for a year in many open PIFS reaches 200 % as readout goes from a bottom of the market which has been noted just in the beginning of 2009.

traditional Prenew Year`s rally which, apparently, should be expected in the end of this year, according to analysts, also most likely will not be. “ we already observed rally in September and October “ - the operating director for investments UK " believes; the WHALE of Fortis Investments “ Vladimir Tsuprov. He is assured that any considerable growth in December in the Russian stock market will not be: indexes already and so have considerably won back last year`s falling, having increased from the beginning of year more than by 120-130 %.

Investments into the European currency have appeared profitable enough: purchasing capacity of deposits in euro has grown almost on 3 %, and dollars - on 2,67 %. Such dynamics, according to experts, is caused first of all by rouble easing.

“ soon dollar falling in relation to leading world currencies will proceed “ - transfers words senior portfelnogo manager Putnam Investments of Paresh Upadhijja. In turn leading currency strategist Westpac Richard Franulovich comes out with the assumption that rates to the USA will yet soon return on pre-crisis level to 5 %. Therefore in the near future dollar exchange rate falling in relation to leading world currencies most likely will proceed, tells g - n Frangon.

Analyst FK “ Uralsib “ Leonid Slipchenko believes that till the end of the year rouble strengthening will proceed, but is insignificant. “ we see its course at level 28 rbl. for dollar “ - Leonid Slipchenko has noted. Appeal of rouble was not so high in November. Banks in a mass order continued a policy of decrease in interest rates under contributions that in aggregate with inflation has considerably lowered appeal of deposits. Real profitableness under rouble contributions has made 0,52 %.