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The Russian banks merge money for the West

o to borrowers almost will get nothing

November results of bank sector of Russia left unfavourable. Despite growth of trust of citizens to banks and record rates of a gain of contributions, the credit organisations prefer to finance the foreign enterprises, instead of own economy. Consoles only that these indicators do not consider the Savings Bank data.

as the first vice-president of the Central Bank Gennady Melikjan has informed daily, in November volumes of crediting of non-residents have grown on 2,6 %, while crediting of the Russian enterprises - only on 0,6 %. The experts interrogated daily, do not see in it any tragedy.

following the results of November the volume of deposits of physical persons has increased by 3 %, and it is quite possible to consider such rates of increase record during present world crisis. However, all indicators are resulted without the Savings Bank. For November, 1st the volume of contributions of physical persons was estimated in 6,801 trln rbl. (already taking into account the Savings Bank), thus, for last month autumns banks have managed to involve on deposits of an order 200 mlrd rbl.

Growth of credits, deposits and the other placed means for December, 1st, 2009 has made 1,5 %. Considering that in October this indicator in absolute expression made 19,816 trln rbl., in November the gain has made without small 300 mlrd rbl. the Delayed debts on all credit portfolio has increased on 1,9 %. The credits given to not financial organisations, in November have grown on 0,6 % (approximately on 70 mlrd rbl.) at growth delays on this sector on 2,8 %. Crediting of physical persons remains actually on zero (at level 3,5 trln rbl.) Though the delayed debts under credits of physical persons have risen on 2,6 %.

As a whole it is possible to recognise November quite good month for bank sector of the country, - has underlined g - n Melikjan. - However guards essential enough growth of volumes of crediting by banks of the foreign enterprises: following the results of November it has made 2,6 %. It testifies to some mistrust of bank sector to domestic borrowers . Thus, according to Gennady Melikjana, rates of increase of investments of bank sector in securities of the enterprises, basically in the bond became more appreciable also, growth has made 5,6 %. As a result, by words g - on Melikjana, following the results of 2009 the volume of loans 4 - j and 5 - j quality categories, that is the most problem, will not exceed 10 % and will make an order of 9,3 %.

According to the group economist of the company the Three Dialogue Evgenie Gavrilenkova, it is obvious that the Russian credit organisations on - former consider that crediting of the domestic enterprises is interfaced to the raised risks and in this connection try to find less brave borrowers in the West. however, among them can be and the foreign companies belonging to the Russian citizens, and also the enterprises of the countries - participants of the CIS, - argues g - n Gavrilenkov. - And in general, I would not do far-reaching conclusions on the basis of indicators of one month .

the Group economist of Alpha bank Natalia Orlova considers that the November statistics of bank sector of the country is similar to October indicators: inflow of contributions increases, and crediting of real sector practically does not grow. on crediting of non-residents there is no comparable statistics, therefore it is difficult to interpret these indicators, - has underlined g - zha Orlova. - However, it is senseless to discuss results of bank sector, being based on the Central Bank data: It only a tip of the iceberg because the considerable part of problem actives has been re-structured . Early to rejoice to a low gain of the delayed debts following the results of a year, as underwater the part of problems of bank sector will be shown not now, and during the nearest two - three years, Natalia Orlova believes.