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Dollar for 30

participants of the currency market reduce balances

Today dollar has continued dynamics of strengthening of yesterday and at opening of the auctions has easily outpassed 30 roubles. However it has sufficed on an hour then the dollar was modified. Dealers speak about nervousness in connection with its small liquidity: participants of the market balance the positions on the end of the year, the uniform idea in the market is not present.

Having passed for a mark 30,25 roubles, the dollar was corrected and now 30,16 roubles that above level of closing of yesterday for 48 copecks bargain at level. The dealer of big bank says that on the market there was a large seller of currency, as has developed dollar from the further strengthening to rouble. To bivaljutnoj to a basket the rouble has lost 31 copeck and has reached 36,70 roubles. It seems that today correction in the markets will proceed, demand for foreign currency will be high, and together with it will be high and rates of the monetary market - the analyst of bank " considers; Trust Vladimir Bragin.

the market is influenced also also by yesterday`s performance of head FRS of Ben Bernanke which was only moderately optimistical and has underlined that on a way of economic restoration the set of obstacles still remains. The chief of department of conversion operations and trade in interest rates ING Wholesale Banking Alexey Borichev says that in the market some factors operate: on the one hand, the yesterday`s panic of disposal of risk and transition in dollar, and on the other hand has proceeded, year comes to the end, vacation comes nearer, and people aspire to close year the balanced positions. According to the expert, volatilnost in the market for the present remains: probably, in relation to a basket the rouble will reach 37 roubles, and will then be rolled away.

the head of department of operations in the bank currency market Opening Peter Nejmyshev marks nervousness of the currency market. The end of the year, the market became less liquid in comparison even with the last month, to develop it begins easier - the expert considers. As he said, players start to balance the positions: someone should buy currency, roubles are necessary to someone, they try not to enter into short positions.