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Deadly konfiskat

Europe was flooded with counterfeit medicines

Eurocommission sounds alarm: the volume of the forged medicines in the European Union has reached the catastrophic sizes. In total for two months customs officers of the EU countries have confiscated 33 million counterfeit medicines. the quantity of forgeries which in Europe get to patients, constantly grows - the eurocommissioner on the industry and the vice-president of EK Gjunter Verhojgen has declared. According to experts, the share of counterfeit medicines in Europe makes about 3 %.

the Official representative of Eurocommission in Bruxelles van Lirop has confirmed Tone daily that Eurocommission it is very anxious growth mortally dangerous kontrafaktov. He also has informed that antibiotics, medicines against a malaria and oncological diseases, means for cholesterol decrease, soothing and viagra are forged basically. G - n van Lirop has specified that as a result Purposeful actions of customs bodies of the European Union countries only for two months it has been confiscated 33 million counterfeit tablets . As admitted vitse - head Gjunter Verhojgen, it has surpassed the most gloomy expectations .

van Lirop has explained Tone daily that during the customs action of Europeans of 80 % of the detained preparations contained counterfeit substances, 20 % have been completely forged and 85 % had patent right infringements. each case of falsification of medicines should be considered as massacre attempt - Gjunter Verhojgen is assured. Even if the counterfeit preparation is absolutely harmless, its reception can lead to a lethal outcome as, accepting a counterfeit, sick does not receive treatment necessary for it. It is expected that next year in the European Union for prevention of criminal manipulations special protective marks will be put on packings with medicines. However already it is now clear that its introduction will lead to rise in price of preparations.

some deputies of EuroParliament have demanded to take measures and against realisation of counterfeit medicines through the Internet. They consider that for this purpose it is necessary to create the list certificated online - drugstores as, according to World Health Organization, more than 50 % of medicines sold on the Internet are counterfeit.

the director for marketing researches of the centre Farmekspert David Melik - Gusejnov considers that now the volume of counterfeits in the pharmaceutical market of Europe makes approximately 2,5-3 %. According to the expert, the present boom is connected by that the branch leaves crisis, demand for high-quality medicines increases, and leading concerns simply do not keep up with demand. In the near future danger to choke in counterfeit medicines does not threaten Russia. The expert is assured that the share of forgeries in the Russian market will remain at level of 0,5 %.