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V.Petrov: I do not struggle with leaders from - for errors in strategy

After the termination gran - at Germany, the past the day before in Njurburge, the Russian pilot of a command Formulas - 1 Lotus - Renault has answered questions.
- there is especially nothing to tell basically. Again, already again successively, I struggle with Zaubers which for us should not be contenders. We want to battle with Mercedes with other leaders, but from - for errors in strategy we leave after pit - stops behind slower cars and we lose a lot of time for catching up with them, to be overcome, overtake. All should be on the contrary: it is necessary to stop earlier and to try to outstrip at the expense of fresher tyres others.
- start has turned out quite good...
- Yes, all has passed not bad, I have won back a position though any more too I remember how there all was. Then I had a pair of interesting fights - with Michael Schumacher and Dzhensonom Battonom - with it we struggled especially long, he time the five or six tried to overtake me, but I blocked it. Basically it was possible, probably, it and to pass, because we together lost a lot of time from - that struggled. Possibly, even it would be better to pass it is and then to be attached in a tail, to come off those who went behind. But as has developed...
- on finish it would be possible to count on what position at true strategy?
- it is heavy so to say - at once and unequivocally. Hundred percent we would be ahead Zauber Kamui Kobajasi. And there already plus a minus some positions. By and large even before race it was clear that our primary goal - to finish ahead of Adriana Sutilja. We know that our car faster the Swagger of India . It was necessary to approach to a strategy choice simply competently. With it it is necessary to do something - and as soon as possible.
- Mercedes have been inaccessible?
- Yes, Mercedes now much faster.
- at both of them of the pilot again in ochkovoj to a zone and ahead of you. Such sensation that at a Lotus - Renault ever less chances to impose to Mercedes struggle for the fourth place in the Cup of designers...
- we while do not have any grandiose novelties, and they have made a great advance. We plan to bring for races the big package of updatings only after an August break. Now the command tested new system of a back exhaust by car Nika Hajdfelda - can be, it then will help us to recoup. It is necessary to analyse the data obtained here.
- that was in that episode when you there has taken place Schumacher? Stewards are going to disassemble this incident...
- It has overtaken me, and I cut off I will show off. Basically it was necessary to give at once a position, but I have made it a bit later - after we have overcome one more turn. I do not know... Stewards have caused me, I it have told: Well I have all the same passed Schumacher . I hope, penalties will not be. It seems to me, anything terrible has not occurred. I knew that should pass Michael (it was already in turn), - have simply made it not at once.
- That that the rain which weather forecasters promised the day before, and has not gone, how - that has affected total result?
- By and large is not present. I do not think that something would change globally. Race was quite good, rate at us was. And the result would be good if with strategy all was as it should be. It is heavy to say that particularly we have made not so. It is necessary to sit, discuss with a command as us not to admit repetition of similar situations in the future still. In a week, in Budapest, I will inform, as well as than conversation has ended.
- and in a break between these two races...
-... I will depart to Tolyatti.
- but a break - all week.
is a work. They are sponsors. Though it seems to me that it not the best variant - to arrange actions, when such small break. It exhausts.
- after Budapest there will be a four-week pause.
- At friends for August some weddings - they so all podgadali that I too could be present are planned. And the break will do a command good. Nevertheless there is still a race in Hungary. We should concentrate as much as possible to earn some points before a summer break.
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