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Weight has interrupted Ferrari period of failures

Michael Alyoshin`s Column, the pilot of command Carlin Motorsport (the participant of the championship of a World series Renault 3 Formula. 5 ), vitse - the champion of a series Renault 2 Formula. 0 in Germany (2005) Masters of sports of the international class
In past uek - end has come to the end 12 - j a World championship stage in a class auto racing the Formula - 1 - Gran - At Europe. For the first time in history royal races the Spanish Valencia accepted. Predictably, at this time year in Spain there was a heat. But even +29 degrees of heat have not prevented spectators to occupy all empty seats on a tribune in expectation of this significant event - first Gran - At Europe in Valencia! Even Schumacher has decided to visit race!
start has passed marvellously easy: any serious collisions in the first turn. Kubitsa tried to make Hemiltona in the first turn, but Lewis to overtake not so - that is simple (I know it on myself) - Kubitsa it, probably, too has quickly realised and has receded. But to pass a cycle without incidents it was possible not to all: so, our young Japanese companion Nakadzhima, ran into double world champion Fernando Alonso! It was possible to the Spaniard - taki after that to reach to boksov, but leaving the race car deprived of a back rear wing, he all look let know to associates that such samurajsky maneuver not so - that was pleasant to it.
I have paid attention to very dirty and slippery line: even through the TV screen it was possible to observe, how cars slide - as if, on ice, - and what loop of a dust then behind them rises at arrivals on pit - stop. It is not surprising - the wind continuously inflated sand on a line. About it to me has told Sebastjan Fettel couple of days ago. Actually, Adrian Sutil, which peretormozil at an input in slow " became a victim of this dust also; esku has got on a dirty part of a line and after that a smog not " any more; to catch the car. As has served as its reason appointments with a chipper.
it is necessary to notice what to observe concentration in similar conditions very much not simply: Heat (when ambient temperature under 30 degrees - that in a cockpit where the racer sits, it heats up approximately to 60 - ti!), the dirty line of city type demanding the maximum concentration, - all it has served as a principal cause of errors of some pilots.
by the way, it is necessary to pay attention to obvious successes Toro Rosso throughout all days off. From the beginning of trainings and to race finish - racers of Italian the Red Bull went stably faster racers Red Bull. To connect this success it is possible, I so think, with harmonious work of all command and, of course, potential two young Sebastjanov: Fettelja and Burde.
Coming back to a course of Sunday race, I will notice that the bad situation has turned out on pit - to stop at Rajkkonena: which has moved own zapravshchika (!) . As the racer, I will notice: regardless of the fact that you accept a command, you should look itself in mirrors, estimating conditions. At me so was: on pit - to stop few times the person lifted so-called a sugar candy (works as a traffic light: in the lifted condition means it is possible to go ) Ahead of time, but actually not all mechanics have finished work with car. Spasalla them from moving then exclusively my attentiveness and good reaction.
as a whole, the race which has passed in Valencia was, in general - that, not the brightest from the point of view of overtakings. But in such conditions the present professionalism of the command building strategy pit - stops is shown. And, most likely, if not a descent of Rajkkonena the first four would arrive as launching sites.
and still I, certainly, have allocated Weight excellent job. It has passed this race more stably and fastest - and this time, as you can see, it has yielded the fruits. I think that for it it there was a good revenge after a descent insulting and memorable by all in Budapest - from for motor explosion for three circles to finish!
as young Pole Kubitsa has once again pleased. The professionalism it has proved again to everything that in Poland is not only good tinctures and beautiful young ladies, but also racers of world level!
Gran - at Europe remained behind, and the Big circus I am assured, already prepares for the following race which will pass on a legendary line of Spa - Frankorsham that in Belgium. There for us will wait, certainly, interesting struggle and legendary turn Red water ...