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Petrov has sunk in the Korean pools, Alonso has come up the first. VIDEO

Alexey Shishkin
In passed uik - end on autodrome in Joname has taken place the first in the history of Gran - at Korea - the seventeenth stage of the World championship on to the Formula - 1 . After its end in the general offset the leader was replaced, Vitaly Petrov has complained again about itself, and the command of the Russian has been compelled to apologise also before colleagues.
the Korean flooding
Provedenie Gran - at Korea in general was under the big question still two weeks ago. The line was nedostroena. However the actual owner Formulas - 1 Berni Ecclestone has declared that no bases for carrying over or cancellation of race are present, it will take place precisely under the schedule. Koreans had time to complete completely, and after free arrivals also to make changes to a line configuration. Yes, the decision of questions with an infrastructure is postponed for the next year, but time of Berni has told it is necessary - all need to take only under a peak.
however all plans of organizers were broken hardly by weather. If free arrivals and qualification have passed precisely during taken away time race start seriously was late. The present downpour so the line was suitable for carrying out unless water " has fallen upon Jonam; Formulas - 1 . During former time anybody also has not thought to transfer race start, all would go on rain rubber, but now to safety issues of racers the paramount attention is paid. Therefore after pilots have passed four circles behind safety car, stewards have made decision to stop all movement.
more than hour of a command and fans waited for the final decision. The rain has ceased, cars were built again on a starting lattice and have gone on a line after Mercedes Berta Majlandera. Pejs - penalties conducted behind itself all peloton 17 circles then race has begun on - to the present.
Petrov`s wall
All pilots, naturally, remained on rain rubber, but it has not rescued race from numerous departures, turns and waggings of cars on a line. One of the first has not consulted with high-speed Red Bullom starting from the second position, the leader of the general offset Australian Mark Uebber. Pilots had not time to finish the first circle after restart as its car has brought in one of turns, has struck about a wall and has taken out through road to the opposite side.
Trying to go round Uebbera at the left German Niko Rosberg to evade from blow was not in time - the race car of the Australian has flown in it Mercedes . It was the first key moment of race, after all the leader of points to type could not any more and has been compelled to wait, than all will end.
in the meantime race developed the turn. German Sebastjan Fettel who has left on start about a poll - pozishn, confidently was in the lead and excellent piloted the Red Bull Spaniard Fernando Alonso from Ferrari there was on the second place, and British Lewis Hemilton from the McLaren - on the third. Three applicants for a champion title combated for a podium.
meanwhile in the middle pelotona struggle was more interesting - numerous attempts of overtakings, turns, failures. The Korean fans who have filled not only the cores, but also in addition constructed tribune, enjoyed let and chaotic, but interesting race which they so long waited. Russian Vitaly Petrov was one of the main characters.

it on the Renault started with 20 - go places, but has managed to make the way on the seventh! The command during the most necessary moment has put intermediate rubber and when the line hardly has dried up on its race car, Petrov perfectly used advantage in speed over competitors, overtaking their one behind another. It confidently went into place in ten strongest, but...
too big desire to act as is possible has brought it once again more successfully. Vitaly simply did not have composure. On 41 - m a circle in penultimate turn it has not managed to drive, and its race car has taken out directly in a protecting barrier. With cars that day many did not consult, but unless to Petrov, torturing to prove the solvency in to the Formula - 1 from it it is easier? After all in Malaysia from - for the fervours it has not passed and 200 metres, having finished the Asian tour with a full steering-wheel.
Tyre covers at me were worn out enough to that moment when intermediate rubber began to give priority really, but I tried as could to keep at safe distance from persecutors. However has all the same had accidents. For the first time in life I participated in race Formulas - 1 in such monstrous weather conditions. It is upset by that has finished it in a chipper, instead of in ochkovoj to a zone - Vitaly has told after finish.
fiasco Bulls triumph Ferrari
For the Russian fans Petrov`s failure became the most unpleasant moment in the Korean race. But in respect of struggle for a champion`s title she in general solved nothing. Uebber already from boksov Alonso - to the second place, and Hemilton - to the third watched how Fettel rushes to a victory. However, such deal of the Australian quite arranged. But... Fettel has not reached to finish. In total for some circles to a checkered flag on Red Bulle the German the engine " has lighted up; Renault . Upset Sebastjan has started wandering to the boksam where in prostration the head of a command Adrian Njui sat. Representatives Renault have brought to Bulls official apologies, having promised to make investigation of that happens with the most reliable as has shown this season, the engine.
taking into account a descent of Fettelja to the first place there has arrived Alonso. 29 - the summer Spaniard who has managed as when - that Michael Schumacher, to construct round itself Ferrari has won already the third victory in last four races. And in general, he improbably powerfully spends a season ending. Look, in last seven races it has typed 133 points from 175 possible, instead of so a long time it have practically written off from applicants for a champion`s title.
on the one hand, Fernando in Korea and Malaysia largely carried. With another - carries the strongest. Yes, to me has carried, but the command has done fantastic work to finish the car to such fine condition. Therefore good luck in the end of the year - an award for that hard labour by which we did during all season - the leader " has noted; Ferrari .
By the way, the victory in Korea became for Alonso already 26 - j the won race in career. More it was won only by legends - Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell and Dzhekki Stewart.
the double world champion is improbably close now to the third title, after all Alonso`s advantage before Uebberom makes now 11 points, and before Hemiltonom which has moved on the third place in the general offset - 21 point. Also it is all for two races to season finish. For the present the operating world champion Englishman Dzhenson Batton from the McLaren lags behind already on 42 points and itself from among applicants for a title has excluded.
we Will remind that in 2005 and 2006 the Spaniard won the previous titles after Gran - at Brazil in Interlagose. The following stage of the World championship - 2010 will pass there.