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Caterham Tony Fernandez`s Command presented a new race car

became the first who has presented a new race car for participation in Formula races - 1. New CT01 have shown on magazine F1 Racing cover.
nasal obtekatelja the presented model many consider the Form not too aesthetic, however the head of technical department Caterham Mike Gaskojn makes comments on it, leaning against regulations:
- Yes, the regulations have changed, and the height of a nasal part is limited. Complexity of our problem that we always try to achieve that the chassis height was maximum as it allows an air stream to pass under the car bottom, and in photos T01 you see the decision which was applied by us. As 01 it is shown the first, obviously, it will cause wide debate, but, possibly, similar type of a nasal part will appear and on the majority of other cars in this season - to it pushes technical regulations 2012 - go year.
Conditions of the changed regulations of 2012 limit vysotuobtekatelja in a forward part. It should be equal only 55 see However then the height increases and around a cockpit can reach 62,5 see On CT01 transition between two sites which is partially smoothed V - the figurative form nasal obtekatelja is visible.
will proceed begun in 2011 - m cooperation with Red Bull Racing and Renault which will deliver power units (a transmission/ hydraulics and the motor/ KERS accordingly) therefore comparison CT01 with cars of technical partners will be inevitable. For the first time in history commands by the car it will be used KERS.
Leader Caterham of Hejkki Kovalajnen has told about what purposes are put before a command in this season:
- We want to compete to middle commands peletona is and there is our purpose. In qualifications we want to make the way regularly in the second session, we will try to struggle with those who before us advanced - not very well, it will be racers Williams or any other command. I think, we closely will come nearer to group serednjakov.