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Zufar Rizaev has passed Three weeks Ferrari double in Turkey after enough scandalous Gran - At Hungary where for incident between Alonso and Hemiltonom McLaren has been deprived the points earned in that race. In this uik - end race has taken place on autodrome in Turkey where Felipe Weight last year has won the first victory in the Formula - 1. This time it managed to repeat success of 2006. On Saturday he has won a victory in qualification, having won already the fifth poll - pozishn in this season. Real possibility to press from the first place of the workmate Kimi Rajkkonen on command had, but he has made a small mistake on the fast circle and as a result started from the third place, having passed on Lewis Hemiltona`s second place. From the fourth position started Fernando Alonso. Start in race both pilots McLaren have ruined. Hemilton has conceded the position of Kimi Rajkkonenu, and Fernando Alonso has managed to miss the not the most good position to both pilots of BMW. Alonso to the first wave pit - stops kept behind Kubitsy and Hajdfelda. After the first circles the in the lead eight looked as follows: Weight, Rajkkonen, Hemilton, Kubitsa, Hajdfeld, Alonso, Kovalajnen, Rosberg. All these pilots as a result finished in points truth, a little in other order. It was soon found out that on Robert Kubitsy`s race car not enough fuel was phenomenal. On the first pit - stop it has called in already on 12 circle. As a result it has returned to race in the traffic which has a little constrained it, the Pole has lost very many positions and finished only the eighth. It has appeared on Fernando Alonso`s hand, to which for returning on the practically it was necessary to advance the fourth place only Nika Hajdfelda. In race it was not possible to it, but to it was to hold on enough on a line of all on one circle longer, after pit - foot of the German pilot of BMW to appear ahead of Nika Hajdfelda. During the first wave pit - stops earlier from pilots of Ferrari Kimi Rajkkonen has called in, therefore it had no possibility to overstay on a line of the workmate on command. Slightly after pilots of Ferrari Lewis Hemilton has called in in boksy, but it has not allowed it to come nearer to Italian team race cars. Between Hemiltonom and leaders after pit - foot made rupture about 6 seconds. Alonso lost to Weight about 20 seconds. It is necessary to notice that some time for the first place there was Hejkki Kovalajnen. Between the first and second wave pit - stops in race did not occur anything interesting. It is necessary to notice only that Felipe Weight had some problems with a helmet, but he has managed to cope in a little original way with the arisen difficulties. During the same time Weight has a little reduced rate, Kimi has reduced rupture till 0,5 seconds, but attempts to make overtaking did not undertake. The second wave pit - stops was opened again by Robert Kubitsa. Soon in boksy Kimi Rajkkonen, then Felipe Weight which after an exit on a line on - former has appeared ahead of the workmate on command has called in. It seemed that in race will occur nothing, but trouble has happened with Lewis Hemiltonom. The right forward tyre cover has absolutely unexpectedly burst on race car McLaren. To Lewis has rather carried, because it managed to reach to boksov. As a result of Hemilton has lost only two positions. After the second wave pit - stops pilots took following positions: Weight, Rajkkonen, Alonso, Hajdfeld, Hemilton, Kovalajnen, Rosberg, Kubitsa. In such order pilots also have reached to finish. Hejkki Kovalajnen tried to catch up with Hemiltona, but it was not possible to make it to it. On a penultimate circle Rajkkonen who has selected at the partner on command the best circle, thereby has caused a stir, having deprived Weight het - trika. The situation in the World championship has become aggravated again. After twelve races four racers have on three victories. Rupture in a cup of designers was reduced to 11 points. It is not necessary to forget that the following race will pass on September, 9th in Italy where Ferrari it is traditionally strong. So in the remained five races struggle for both titles will be sharp, more than ever! Results 1. Felipe weight (Brazil, Ferrari)-1:26:42. 161
2. Kimi Rajkkonen (Finland, Ferrari) - backlog 2. 275
3. Fernando Alonso (Spain, Mclaren Mercedes) - 26. 181
4. Nik Hajdfeld (Germany, BMW Sauber) - 39. 674
5. Lewis Hemilton (Great Britain, Mclaren Mercedes) - 45. 085
6. Hejkki Kovalajnen (Finland, Renault) - 46. 169
7. Niko Rosberg (Germany, Williams) - 55. 778
8. Robert Kubitsa (Poland, BMW Sauber) - 56. 707
9. Dzhankarlo Fisichella (Italy, Renault) - 59. 491
10. David Coulthard (Great Britain, Red Bull) - 1:11. 009
11. Alexander Wurz (Austria, Williams) - 1:19. 628
12. Ralf Schumacher (Germany, Toyota) - 1 circle
13. Dzhenson Batton (Great Britain, Honda) - 1 circle
14. Anthony Davidson (Great Britain, Super Aguri) - 1 circle
15. Vitantonio Liutstsi (Italy, Toro Rosso) - 1 circle
16. Jarno Trulli (Italy, Toyota) - 1 circle
17. Rubens Barrichello (Brazil, Honda) - 1 circle
18. Takuma Sato (Japan, Super Aguri) - 1 circle
19. Sebastjan Fettel (Germany, Toro Rosso) - 1 circle
20. Sakon Yamamoto (Japan, Spyker F1) - 2 circles
21. Adrian Sutil (Germany, Spyker F1) - 4 circles
did not finish: 22. Mark Uebber (Great Britain, Red Bull) - 48 circles
the Championship of pilots 1. Lewis Hemilton (Mclaren Mercedes) - 84 points
2. Fernando Alonso (Mclaren Mercedes) - 79
3. Felipe Weight (Ferrari) - 69
4. Kimi Rajkkonen (Ferrari) - 68
5. Nik Hajdfeld (BMW Sauber) - 47
6. Robert Kubitsa (BMW Sauber) - 29
7. Hejkki Kovalajnen (Renault) - 19
8. Dzhankarlo Fisichella (Renault) - 17
9. Alexander Wurz (Williams) - 13
10. Niko Rosberg (Williams) - 9
11. Mark Uebber (Red Bull) - 8
12. David Coulthard (Red Bull) - 8
13. Jarno Trulli (Toyota) - 7
14. Ralf Schumacher (Toyota) - 5
15. Takuma Sato (Super Aguri) - 4
16. Dzhenson Batton (Honda) - 1
17. Sebastjan Fettel (Toro Rosso) - 1
the Cup of Designers 1. Mclaren Mercedes - 148
2. Ferrari - 137
3. BMW Sauber - 77
4. Renault - 36
5. Williams - 22
6. Red Bull - 16
7. Toyota - 12
8. Super Aguri - 4
9. Honda - 1