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Fettel has established a new record in Brazil

Sebastjan Fettel has won qualification in Brazil. The pilot of a command “ Red Bull “ has shown the best time before last start of a season.
for Fettelja this poll became 15 - m in this season that has allowed it to establish a new record by quantity of the won polls.   we will remind that two weeks ago he has repeated, and now and has surpassed Nigel Mansell`s established in 1992 the achievement.
“ before qualification spoke about this record, but, on - to mine much, is the most correct - in general of it not to think, - quotes Fettelja f1news. ru. - the Beginning uik - enda was not the best, the balance of the car not quite suited me, but we have taken the necessary measures, and to start of qualification I already was in a greater degree happy and have taken pleasure, showing good speed. Already the first circle in final session was quite good, but I knew that it is possible to achieve bolshego, and in final attempt have given all the best completely.
When I have crossed a finish line, I was overflowed with emotions: I knew that have anyway made everything that was in my forces. However, I had to wait long enough to learn, whether this circle was good enough for a poll - positions? My engineer by radio informed that Dzhenson has shown only the second time, then it was pressed by Mark, and here then it became clear that the poll has got to me.
I would tell, qualification was especial, not such, as others. Certainly, to Nigel Mansell when he has established the record, it was required for this purpose on three races less, and all - taki is the historical moment which is a lot of for me means “.
As to Vitaly Petrov it starts in race 15 - m.
the Dignity - Paulu, Brazil. The World championship. 19 - j a stage. “ Gran - at Brazil “
1. Fettel (Germany, “ Red Bull “) - 1. 11,918
2. Uebber (Australia, “ Red Bull “) - 1. 12,099
3. Batton (Great Britain, “ the McLaren “) - 1. 12,283
4. Hemilton (Great Britain, “ the McLaren “) - 1. 12,480
5. Alonso (Spain, “ Ferrari “) - 1. 12,591
6. Rosberg (Germany, “ Mercedes “) - 1. 13,051
7. Weight (Brazil, 2Τεππΰπθ) - 1. 13. 068
8. Sutil (Germany, “ the Swagger India “) - 1. 13, 298
9. Senna (Brazil, “ a Lotus - Renault “) - 1. 13. 561
10. Schumacher (Germany, “ Mercedes “)
15 Petrovs (Russia, “ a Lotus - Renault “)