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rajkkonen fixes success

Zufar Rizaev As well as the previous race which has taken place three weeks ago in Bahrain, present has come to the end with Ferrari double, only this time on the first position there was Kimi Rajkkonen, and its workmate Felipe Weight has taken the second place. Fernando Alonso who wanted to show good result at a house stage became the protagonist of Saturday qualification. In the first segment of qualification it was the third, in second fourth, and in the third segment of Fernando has shown phenomenally high seconds which have allowed to take to it of the second position, having passed forward only to Kimi Rajkkonena which have won a poll for the first time since September of last year. From the third position started Felipe Weight, after it in race have left Robert Kubitsa and Lewis Hemilton. As the antihero of Saturday qualification it is necessary to note Nika Hajdfelda who started only the ninth. The high position on Fernando Alonso`s start became the main theme of discussions of experts on Saturday evening. All of them tended to opinion that Renault has strongly added in comparison with the championship beginning, but the race car of Fernando has not enough fuel, therefore for prize-winning places will compete to it difficultly. On a line in Barcelona it is very heavy to pilots to overtake each other, as race has shown. We have seen only two overtakings right at the end when obviously fast racers hardly bypassed weaker pilots. It is a question of overtaking which has made Hajdfeld in relation to Fisichella, and that moment when Coulthard has outstripped Takuma Sato. Race start well daringly to pilots who started from odd positions. Felipe Weight has managed to outstrip Fernando Alonso, having attached at once after Kimi Rajkkonenym, and Lewis Hemilton, having come into the first turn on external radius, it has appeared ahead of Robert Kubitsy. However not all pilots could pass the first circle without undue incident. Adriana Sutilja has developed, and Sebastjan Fettel ran into it. It is necessary to note failures of Fettelja which could not finish in this season of any race, and for three of them took off right at the beginning. After collision of two German pilots on a line has left Safety Car. After race renewal in a normal mode on the foreground there was a pilot of Renault Nelson Pique which, however, was remembered not by beautiful overtakings, and two errors. At first it was not entered in turn and has departed for line limits, then, having returned in the end peletona, it at attempt of overtaking of Sebastena Burde, has faced the French pilot. As a result both racers have stopped race. Anthony Davidson soon has for technical reasons descended. Predictably, the first on planned pit - stop has called in Fernando Alonso. It has made it approximately on two - three circles before the others. It have managed to outstrip Lewis Hemilton and Robert Kubitsa. pit - stops have not affected arrangement of leaders. And while on refuelling and rubber change Hejkki Kovalajnen should call in, to its race car there was a trouble. For speed of 250 kilometres per hour in the ninth turn of a line at it the left forward tyre has blown up, and uncontrollable McLaren ran into a protective barrier from tyre covers. On a line there was again a safety car. Long enough rescuers could not pull out a race car and the pilot. As a result, all has managed. Hejkki the relative order has been evacuated in hospital in consciousness and with health at it. Occurrence on line Safety Car while not all pilots have visited on the first pit - to stop, has led to some confusion. As a result, Nik Hajdfeld, compelled to call in on refuelling when pit - lejn has been still closed has appeared the victim. For this Nika have punished 10 second penalty stop end go and the German pilot of BMW has not managed to get in 8 - ku the strongest. After race renewal there were problems at Fernando Alonso at whom has burnt down the motor. As a result, instead of at least fifth place on which counted Fernando, it has appeared in race without points. Soon after it have withdrawn Rubens Barrichello and Niko Rosberg. At Rosberga of a problem have occurred also from - for the motor. From - for departures of the pilots getting to the first eight, Takumo Sato applied for points during some moment of time and Dzhankarlo Fisichella even. As a result Dzhenson Batton have most of all succeeded in struggle for points and Kazuki Nakadzhima. Timo Glok could interfere With this dispute with David Coulthard still, but at attempt of overtaking of Glokom Coulthard between them there was the small incident arrival in boksy both pilots became which result. For leaders of race race has developed very easy. They went one after another practically with identical speed and without the slightest attempts of overtaking. As a result on a pedestal together with pilots of Ferrari there was Lewis Hemilton. The fourth race has shown that rupture in speed between leaders has a little decreased. However Ferrari again was faster. Renault progress though they and cannot while to struggle for victories in race is obvious. Kimi Rajkkonen has come off in obshchekomandnom offset on 9 points, advancing dense group from 5 - ti pilots. Ferraris also have a little come forward in obshchekomandnom offset. The following race will pass in two weeks in Turkey. Results 1. Kimi Rajkkonen (Finland, Ferrari) - 1:38:19. 051
2. Felipe Weight (Brazil, Ferrari) - backlog 3. 228
3. Lewis Hemilton (Great Britain, Mclaren Mercedes) - 4. 187
4. Robert Kubitsa (Poland, BMW Sauber) - 5. 694
5. Mark Uebber (Australia, Red Bull) - 35. 938
6. Dzhenson Batton (Great Britain, Honda) - 53. 010
7. Kazuki Nakadzhima (Japan, Williams - Toyota) - 58. 244
8. Jarno Trulli (Italy, Toyota) - 59. 435
9. Nik Hajdfeld (Germany, BMW Sauber) - 1:03. 073
10. Dzhankarlo Fisichella (Italy, Force India) - 1 circle
11. Timo Glok (Germany, Toyota) - 1 circle
12. David Coulthard (Great Britain, Red Bull) - 1 circle
13. Takuma Sato (Japan, Super Aguri) - 1 circle
did not finish: 14. Niko Rosberg (Germany, Williams - Toyota) - 24 circles
15. Fernando Alonso (Spain, Renault) - 31 circle
16. Rubens Barrichello (Brazil, Honda) - 31 circle
17. Hejkki Kovalajnen (Finland, Mclaren Mercedes) - 44 circles
18. Anthony Davidson (Great Britain, Super Aguri) - 57 circles
19. Sebasten Burde (France, Toro Rosso) - 58 circles
20. Nelson Pique (Brazil, Renault) - 59 circles
21. Sebastjan Fettel (Germany, Toro Rosso) - 65 circles
22. Adrian Sutil (Germany, Force India) - 65 circles
the Championship of pilots 1. Kimi Rajkkonen (Ferrari) - 29 points
2. Lewis Hemilton (Mclaren Mercedes) - 20
3. Robert Kubitsa (BMW) - 19
4. Felipe Weight (Ferrari) - 18
5. Nik Hajdfeld (BMW Sauber) - 16
6. Hejkki Kovalajnen (Mclaren Mercedes)-14
7. Jarno Trulli (Toyota) - 9
8. Mark Uebber (Red Bull) - 8
9. Niko Rosberg (Williams - Toyota) - 7
10. Fernando Alonso (Renault) - 6
11. Kazuki Nakadzhima (Williams - Toyota)-5
12. Dzhenson Batton (Honda) - 3
13. Sebasten Burde (Toro Rosso) - 2
the Cup of Designers 1. Ferrari - 47
2. BMW Sauber - 35
3. Mclaren Mercedes - 34
4. Williams - Toyota - 12
5. Toyota - 9
6. Red Bull - 8
7. Renault - 6
8. Honda - 3
9. Toro Rosso - 2