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Three commands apply for V.Petrov Formulas - 1

the Russian pilot Caterham Vitaly Petrov can continue career in a new command Formulas - 1 . The manager of the racer Oksana Kosachenko has declared that negotiations with three commands - with what are currently carried on, is not specified yet. Petrov, however, can remain and in Katerheme .
I Will tell fairly, to any definiteness while it is far. I will not hide that I have conversations with three commands. And Caterham into this number does not enter, because here the situation is easier: with this command we really have an option for contract prolongation. I have conversations with three foreign commands, but arises conditions " too much; - gives of a word of Kosachenko F1news. ru.
Petrov`s Manager considers that its ward is already ready to go on increase. In my opinion, Petrov cannot be offered commands as the beginner, as after three years in to the Formula - 1 it possesses a certain experience. Therefore we too come to commands with certain conditions, including with the financial.
as to Caterham at the conclusion of the contract with it too there were the conditions assuming technical growth of a command, but development goes not so quickly - for the objective reasons. I cannot tell that the command does not work, but while those workings out which she offers, do not offer that advantage which we expected .
we Will remind, Vitaly Petrov in a current season yet has not typed any point in personal offset. In the Cup of Designers Caterham occupies only 10 - ju a position. Petrov asserts that the work this year it it is happy on 75 % thus underlines that with command Caterham it had good relations.