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The championship on to the Formula - 1 has come to the end with a victory of Uebbera

On Sunday, on November, 27th, final race in the championship " has taken place; Formulas - 1 . The victory was gained by Mark Uebber who has outstripped the partner at the command of Sebastjana Fettelja.
Fettel, we will remind, on Saturday was the first in qualification, but a champion`s title has issued four more stages earlier in Japan. As to Vitaly Petrov it could improve the position with 15 - j on start to 10 - j on finish.
in Brazil Mark Uebber has won the first and unique victory in 2011 - m to year thanks to what has bypassed Fernando Alonso in personal offset of the championship and has occupied 3 - e a place following the results of a season...
all uik - end at me good mood. Yesterday Sebastjan has passed an excellent circle and has won a poll. And today has carried to me, -   quotes Uebbera f1news. ru. -   It would be healthy to be overcome with Sebom on a distance, but it had a problem with car. Certainly, I accept this victory, after all time and again happened that good luck from me turned away - name it as want.
the victory is important both for me, and for all command, after all we have brightly finished a season. The last some circles have given to me pleasure. It is always pleasant, when you can spend pit - stops after contenders and not to allow to them to steal up more close. Excellent finish !
I well started and with optimism estimated the chances in race, but soon the command has informed me on problems with a transmission, from - for which it was necessary to lower turns of the engine and to use " less; bottom transfers, - speaks already Fettel. -   Mark has perfectly well spent race and has deservedly won, and I cannot tell that for me all has developed unsuccessfully. I tried to go as much as possible close to Uebberu, supervised an interval from Alonso, and then from Battona. The season has turned out surprising, and I have nothing to complain - today I finished the second, now with impatience I wait for a break and I hope that next year we will be as are strong .
the Dignity - Paulu, Brazil. The World championship. 19 - j a stage. Gran - at Brazil
1. Uebber (Australia, Red Bull ) - 1:32. 17,464
2. Fettel (Germany, Red Bull ) - backlog 16,983
3. Batton (Great Britain, the McLaren ) - 27,638
4. Alonso (Spain, Ferrari ) - 35,048
5. Weight (Brazil, Ferrari ) - 1. 06,733
6. Sjutil (Germany, the Swagger India ) - 1 circle
7. Rosberg (Germany, Mercedes ) - 1 circle
8. Dee Resta (Scotland, the Swagger India ) - 1 circle
9. Kobajasi (Japan, Zauber ) - 1 circle
10. Petrov (Russia, a Lotus - Renault ) - 1 circle
Personal offset
1. Fettel - 392 points
2. Batton - 270
3. Uebber - 258
4. Alonso - 257
5. Hemilton (Great Britain, the McLaren ) - 227
6. Weight - 118
10. Petrov - 37
the Cup of designers
1. Red Bull - 650
2. the McLaren - 497
3. Ferrari - 375
4. Mercedes - 165
5. a Lotus - Renault - 73
6. the Swagger India - 69