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Pilots Brown start in Australia from a poll

Qualification in Melbourn has confirmed forecasts - magnificent results of a command of Rossa Brown on winter tests were not dodge for attraction of sponsors. Dzhenson Batton and Rubens Barrichello have confidently occupied the starting field first row. The poll in Melbourn became the fourth, but, probably, the most important in career of Dzhensona Battona.
Results of the first session were predicted - racers Toro Rosso and Force India have not passed in the second part of qualification, the company it has made Nelsino of the Pique though here again there were surprises - debutant Sebasten Buemi on four tenth has outstripped Sebastena Burde.
the Second session has deduced from struggle for a poll of two racers McLaren, Nika Hajdfelda and Fernando Alonso who was mistaken in final attempt and has returned in boksy. World champion Lewis Hemilton has not left on a line from - for problems with a transmission, and its workmate has left, but has occupied last line.
In ten best of five racers of commands with a disputable design diffuzora, two racers Red Bull, Ferrari and Robert Kubitsa - to designers of these commands too was possible to find the answer to regulations restrictions.
Dzhenson Batton: Last months were difficult: we have done a way from full uncertainty when it was not clear, whether there is at us a future in the Formula 1, or not, to a poll - positions, and it is more tremendous! Should tell that it completely a merit of a command, Rossa Brown and Nika Fr. A poll - the position became a good award after all that we have worried.
in qualification the car perfectly behaved on both types of rubber though, to my astonishment, when I went with almost empty tank, sensations were not the most comfortable. However I knew that in final session with normal cargo of fuel all will be as it should be.
Last time I began race about a poll - positions in Melbourn, it was for a long time, in 2006 - m to year, but there have then come not the best times. However our command has proved that can build good cars, especially if to consider that we had rather limited budget. Today`s a poll - a position - not the most important result uik - enda, but this very good beginning!
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Melbourn, Australia. 60 - j the World championship on an auto racing in a class of cars the Formula - 1 . 1 - j a stage. Gran - at Australia . Qualification

1. Batton (Great Britain, Brown ) - 1. 26,202
2. Barrichello (Brazil, Brown ) - 1. 26,505
3. Fettel (Germany, Red Bull ) - 1. 26,830
4. Kubitsa (Germany, BMW) - 1. 26,914
5. Rosberg (Germany, Williams ) - 1. 26,973
6. Glok (Germany, Toyota ) - 1. 26,975
7. Weight (Brazil, Ferrari ) - 1. 27,033
8. Trulli (Italy, Toyota ) - 1. 27. 127
9. rajkkonen (Finland, Ferrari ) - 1. 27,163
10. Uebber (Australia, Red Bull ) - 1. 27,246
11. Hajdfeld (Germany, BMW) - 1. 25,504
12. Alonso (Spain, Renault ) - 1. 25,605
13. Nakadzhima (Japan, Williams ) - 1. 25,607
14. Kovalajnen (Finland, the McLaren ) - 1. 25,726
15. Hemilton (Great Britain, the McLaren ) - without time
16. Buemi (Switzerland, Toro Rosso ) - 1. 26,503
17. A pique (Brazil, Renault ) - 1. 26,598
18. Fisichella (Italy - 1. 26,677
19. Sjutil (Germany, the Swagger India ) - 1. 26,742
20. Burdas (France, Toro Rosso ) - 1. 26,964