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O.Kosachenko: to Petrov on forces to become the new leader of Renault

the Expert - Sports Oksana Kosachenko, the manager of Russian racer Vitaly Petrov, has summed up the first stage of the World championship on a class auto racing Formulas - 1 - Gran - at Australia.
- certainly, the main unexpectedness of the last race I named Vitaly Petrov`s third place - which became the first podium for it during performances in to the Formula - 1 . And, I think that I will not strongly be mistaken, if I will tell that all Russian fans after race felt very happy. Right after its terminations we saw here, in Melbourn, Russian fans - for pleasure they shouted so that, probably, have strained a voice... Well, and Vitaly was the happiest, certainly.
it is natural, at me as the manager of our racer, had certain expectations after Vitaly`s successful performance in Saturday qualification where it has taken the sixth place and has received a good position on start. However, I admit, I in any way did not expect that my most courageous dreams as a result become a reality. And even before the crossing of finish by car of Renault I could not believe in an event.
and Vitaly, seemingly, too did not expect from itself such success. Probably, all televiewers saw, how it podrasterjalsja when after race it has appeared on a podium - it was well appreciable, how he strongly worries and very awkwardly feels in such situation absolutely new to it. Even when after race foreign journalists approached to it - he some times started to answer them in the native language...
it is possible, to someone could seem that this race has turned out not so heavy for Vitaly. It long time went one, and he had not to struggle for a position almost. Yes, probably, physically race was not most exhausting. And I agree that the sixth place in qualification was a good reserve for race. But after all in itself only one launching site still meant nothing.
also I will notice that last days in Melbourn there were differences in weather. If in previous days it was cool - the temperature did not rise above 14 degrees on Sunday air has got warm to 23 - 24 degrees. Therefore for all commands and for all racers was very important quickly to adapt in new conditions and to understand, how tyres will work and wear out - which new supplier became Pirelli. As we see, Vitaly became one of those to whom it managed to be made is better and fastest.
but what, finally has helped it so strongly and confidently to spend race? After qualification the chief of a Renault team Eric Buje has absolutely fairly noticed that Vitaly has internally strongly changed for last months. It is valid so. In my opinion, last year he still felt, all - taki, is not so confident in to the Formula - 1 . It was the beginning pilot who should very many study. Now Vitaly already possesses a certain experience which allows it to concentrate completely during the most necessary moment, without distracting on any extraneous thoughts. And this time it has approached to race in the most excellent form - both with physical, and with psychological the points of view.
a good launching site, knowledge of features of a line, a correct psychological spirit on race, the exact technics of piloting, the excellent physical form - here all those components which it is necessary for pilot to manage to collect together for successful performance in each concrete race. And this time Vitaly has started to collect this a cube from the very beginning uik - enda. It was exact also and last year Abu - Dabi when it is literally from the first training was clear that Vitaly can act there well.
upon termination of race I had to hear many pleasant and laudatory words to our racer. And I at all do not consider Vitaly`s podium as banal luck or coincidence of circumstances. This success - completely deserved, it became result of the spent general work in inter-season period - both a command, and the pilot. It seems that a certain optimum balance on Vitaly`s work with engineers and with mechanics is now found. And as a whole round Vitaly very good command of professionals which try very much is generated and work on conscience. Here I just in case will remind that present Gran - At Australia became for Vitaly to the first, spent in cooperation with its new racing engineer. The former expert of our racer works now there is nobody others, as with Michael Schumacher.

the third place in the first race of a season is very much and is very fine, simply more tremendous if not to tell fantastically. Nevertheless, I soberly estimate the given success. And on - former has not changed the opinion sounded following the results of last season: then I have told that struggle for stable hit on finish in first ten will be Vitaly`s problem in 2011. Yes, we see that in a new season of Renault and Vitaly have quite competitive car. But, nevertheless, results of first Gran - at a season hardly should be exaggerated strongly. All - taki, commands continue to work actively over the cars, many technical novelties to all of us still should be seen and estimated - therefore in first half of season a situation with alignment of forces can quickly change.
the first podium in to the Formula - 1 - Very important result for Vitaly. Undoubtedly, it, will give to the racer not simply new hopes, but also still the big confidence of own forces. I think that now Vitaly with even bolshej, literally doubled energy will work in the command. Me already asked, whether it will receive the status of the first pilot of a command in this season. Certainly, loss which was incurred by a command in inter-season period in the name of Robert Kubitsy, has introduced some corrective amendments in internal life of a command... But I can tell with confidence that now in Renault simply there is no such status - the first pilot . In a command so democratic situation reigns that here absolutely equally concern both pilots. It gives identical proper attention, and any internal competitive struggle here is not observed - there is only a general unification.
even the sequence of numbers by Vitaly Petrov`s cars and its workmate Nika Hajdfelda does not mean anything. Yes, further the one who will advance the workmate in personal ochkovom offset, let and conditionally, but, most likely, can be considered the first the pilot. At present Vitaly has already come forward on points. And that in Australia it on a course of all - uik - enda looked faster the partner - also a good sign. It means that to it on forces to incur a role of the new leader of a command. But anyway at the subsequent stages of the championship we will wait for results from both pilots of Renault.