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M.Alyoshin: Petrov`s Podium - unique event for our motor racing

the Russian champion of a racing series First in the history Michael Alyoshin who last year has won a World series Renault and now acts in GP2, in exclusive interview - Sports has commented on Vitaly Petrov`s brilliant performance on Gran - at Australia and has told that can give Russia it is achievement.
- Michael how will comment on performance of the compatriot?
- As very successful. Throughout all uik - enda Vitaly went faster the workmate on command, has outstripped it in qualification and in race. Meanwhile the best result in career and result - excellent.
- why so Hajdfeld has unsuccessfully acted? Perhaps, it did not have not enough time for adaptation in a Lotus - Renault ?
- Know, in qualification to it has not carried a little, in race it was heavy to break from such position. But it seems to me, the command has made a correct choice as replacement to Robert Kubitse. Though Hajdfeld and not such star pilot, but very fast and skilled. And following the results of one stage I would not do far-reaching conclusions.
- at the expense of what Petrov has become successful? For the Russian fans its third place is similar to a victory...
- it is valid, it so, practically a victory. At the expense of what? Well, in the given concrete race in its advantage there was very good qualification. It has improved the place also fine start that is typical line Russian racers.
- there were no fears when Alonso has started to come nearer to Petrov quickly?
- Well, it was on the finish, time at the Spaniard all the same would be a little. Know, to catch up and overtake - absolutely different things. I think, in last race of last season in Abu - Dabi when the same contenders struggled, and Vitaly has not started up Fernando forward, all of it were convinced. In general, Petrov has very strongly pleased.
- will risk to give the forecast for Petrov`s further performance in the championship?
- Forecasts - very difficult thing. For this purpose it is necessary to know a situation in a command, technical features. After all the same car absolutely on - to a miscellaneous behaves on different lines. Even on the following race in Sepange all can change. But I hope that Vitaly will stably get in ochkovuju a zone and to struggle for high places.
- potential at a Lotus - Renault for this purpose is?
- I consider, what yes. Potential of this car - the first four of commands. It seems to me, both a command, and Vitaly in comparison with last year have made a considerable step forward. So there is an occasion to be the optimist in relation to to a Lotus - Renault And to Petrov.
- someone if to put outside the brackets Petrov, has surprised you in Australia?
- pilots " have very strongly acted; Zauber . Especially debutant Serhio Peres who has outstripped even Kamui Kobajasi (conversation has taken place before it became known that both racers Zauber are disqualified for infringement by a command of technical regulations).
- Pilots Mercedes - losers of race?
- Well, Schumacher had technical problems, and Rosberg has taken off after attack from Barrichello, and the error of the Brazilian in this case is obvious. Know, in ring races you do not attack, when you are on 30 metres behind the contender. Barrichello attacked, and has included and KERS, and a back rear wing activated. I think, this all its temperament though at such age the emotions can be supervised.
- by the way, about KERS. Red Bull Acted without this system. How consider, why?
- At the chief designer Red Bull Adrian Njui there is a feature - he tries to do all cars as much as possible compact. And it has made the present car with the minimum lateral pontoons that there was less resistance of air. To enter in its debugged car KERS - a difficult task as aerodynamics work at once is broken. But in general system rather perspective though as well as at any novelty, its minuses are shown at once. I think that through two - three years it will be finished and then there will be no any more interested persons from it to refuse.

- but as a trend in to the Formula - 1 according to which cars should be more green and harmless? Red Bull it is unsettled. Whether other commands will protest?
- I do not exclude such variant of succession of events. But while to carp there is nothing. In regulations it is not registered that commands necessarily should use this system. For now it is not forbidden, there are no occasions to protests. Remember, two years ago Browns in first half of season simply tore all to parts at the expense of double diffuzorov. Then there were letters with protests, but after all Ross Brown has broken nothing, is simple the first before has guessed. As a result all commands finished that championship with idea Brown . And now - it was not entered KERS in the concept of Njui. Though to be beaten out from the general trend in to the Formula - 1 it is not accepted.
- That Petrov`s such performance for Russia in the global plan means?
- Vitaly`s Podium - unique event for our motor racing. Couple of years back we also did not dream that our racer will be in to the Formula - 1 . Vitaly has managed to make the way, become the first, and now has reached a podium. I hope, it will give a new push in motor racing development in Russia.
- Petrov has proved that if to put up money in our pilots they appear not worse foreign stars. Perhaps, potential sponsors, looking at such performance of the Russian racer, will support also the others?
- It would be desirable, that and happens. Unfortunately, we while do not have debugged system of support of sportsmen, and not only race drivers. There are no tax privileges. But gradually we to it, I think, we will come. Also I count that Vitaly Petrov`s success will help not only to it, but also all of us.
- Michael, you carried on negotiations c three commands Formulas - 1 but in a season 2011 you act in GP2. Why not the Formula ?
- the Situation so has developed. We have won a World series Renault but possibilities to get in the Formula at us was not. Some circumstances have not developed. Fomula - 1 It is caused not only your talents, but also possibilities of sponsors. What talented you would not be, to get in the Formula without sponsor`s means it will not be possible.   it is Anyway very good that I participate in GP2. The car this year it is absolute another: under high-speed characteristics it does not concede to some formular to race cars. It is very serious racing series.