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rajkkonen it is already ready to replace Schumacher

with Kimi Rajkkonen has won a poll on Gran - At Italy . However, not victory of the Finn, and a prize both Ferraris at the world champion and the leader of superiority Fernando Alonso became the qualification main output.

for Rajkkonena the poll became the eleventh in career and the third in this season: it started the first in Germany and Hungary, but and could not win these races. As he, however, could not win and other races.

Perhaps, and on Sunday there will be the same but while I am self-assured - Rajkkonen has told.

In Monza the Finn has shown time 1:21,484. It has outstripped Michael Schumacher on two thousand seconds. Outstrip it could the German only in most - the end of qualification.

Schumacher, accordingly, has shown the second result, and Nik Hajdfeld from BMW became the third. The fourth place was occupied with Schumacher Felipe Massa`s partner, and here Fernando Alonso was only the fifth.

if to look at Alonso`s position it is possible to conclude that qualification has come to the end not too badly for us. It is better to win, of course, a poll on house Gran - At but all - taki where is successful to act on Sunday " more important; - Schumacher, which, on hearings, upon termination of " has told after qualification; Gran - At should declare the leaving from sports.

if the German will really leave, its place in Ferrari, besides on hearings, the winner of present qualification of Kimi Rajkkonen will occupy.

Schumacher lags behind Alonso on 12 points for four races till the end of a season. In the Cup of Designers of Renault advances Ferrari on two points.


1. Kimi Rajkkonen (Finland, McLaren - Mercedes) 1:21,484

2. Michael Schumacher (Germany, Ferrari) 1:21,486

3. Nik Hajdfeld (Germany, BMW - Sauber) 1:21,653

4. Felipe Weight (Brazil, Ferrari) 1:21,704

5. Fernando Alonso (Spain, Renault) 1:21,829

6. Dzhenson Batton (Great Britain, Honda) 1:22,011

7. Robert Kubitsa (Poland, BMW - Sauber) 1:22,258

8. Pedro de la Dew (Spain, McLaren - Mercedes) 1:22,280

9. Rubens Barrichello (Brazil, Honda) 1:22,787

10. Dzhankarlo Fisichella (Italy, Renault) 1:23,175

Have left after the second session
11. Jarno Trulli (Italy, Toyota) 1:21,924

12. Niko Rosberg (Germany, Williams) 1:22,203

13. Ralf Schumacher (Germany, Toyota) 1:22,280

14. David Coulthard (Great Britain, Red Bull) 1:22,589

15. Scott Spid (the USA, Toro Rosso) 1:23,165

16. Krismtian Klien (Austria, Red Bull) - did not start

Have left after the first session
17. Vinantonio Liutstsi (Italy, Toro Rosso) 1:23,043

18. Christian Albers (Holland, Midland) 1:23,116

19. Mark Uebber (Australia, Williams) 1:23,341

20. Tjagu Montejru (Portugal, Midland) 1:23,920

21. Takuma Sato (Japan, Super Aguri) 1:24,289

22. Sakon Yamamoto (Japan, Super Aguri) 1:26,001