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38 - j Michael Schumacher`s poll

In Montreal there have passed qualifying arrivals before the seventh stage of the World championship in a class of cars of the Formula - 1 Gran - at Canada . As a result the poll - pozishn already in 38 - j time in career was won by the triple world champion German Michael Schumacher.
qualification has turned out rich on events. Diego Alonso has appeared the first on a line. But its time not for long remains to the best. The intermediate poll some times passed from one hands in others. The first of minute of seventeen seconds David Coulthard has left taking the second place in the general offset. Truth it also rather short time was at top. Very soon its time was improved by Jarno Trulli, and then the status - kvo was restored by Schumacher - the senior. Result of the main thing ferrarista to surpass any more it was not possible to anybody except it.
the younger brother " perfectly looked; SHummi - Ralf. It has very little lagged behind it of the well-known relative, having shown the second time. And here last minutes have passed qualifications under the badge of major accidents. At first has broken the race car Rubens Barrichello. Mechanics of a command have run out to rescue the pilot, for what have cruelly paid subsequently. Ferrari it is necessary to pay 10 thousand dollars for infringement of rules. To run out on a line categorically it is forbidden. Stewards had not time to lower red flags as again there was an unpleasant event. German Nik Hajdfild has not managed to drive on a starting straight line.
till the end of session there was not enough time, and it is essential to improve the position it was possible only to Coulthard. As a result it most a little has not held on till Schumacher`s second time - younger. And here the partner of the Scot on to the McLaren Mika Hakkinen has failed again. The Finn, the double world champion, also has had an accident. Mechanics long prepared for it a spare race car, and it as a result starts only the eighth.
it is possible to consider as the loser and Fernando Alonso. From - for wrong in the size of rear wings of its race car, it will accept start by the last. However, the young Spaniard thus will lose not too much. Forward it will pass only team mate Tarsi Markesha. We will note also the twelfth time of Brazilian Rikardo Umbrellas. It had to replace received on Friday serious damages of the basic pilot of a command of Hajntsa - Harold Frentzen.

it is resulted full results of qualification
1. Michael Schumacher (Germany, Ferrari) - 1. 15,782
2. Ralf Schumacher (Germany, Williams) - 1. 16,2971

3. David Coulthard (Great Britain, McLaren) - 1. 16,423
4. Jarno Trulli (Italy, Jordan) - 1. 16,459
5. Rubens Barrichello (Brazil, Ferrari) - 1. 16,760
6. Olivier Panis (France, BAR) - 1. 16,771
7. Kimi Rajkkonen (Finland, Zauber) - 1. 16,875

8. Mika Hakkinen (Finland, McLaren) - 1. 16979

9. Jacque Vilnev (Canada, BAR) - 1. 17,035

10. Juan Pablo Montojja (Colombia, Williams) - 1. 17,123

11. Nik Hajdfeld (Germany, Zauber) - 1. 17,165

12. Rikardo the Umbrella (Brazil, Jordan) - 1. 17,328

13. Jos Ferstappen (Holland, Arrows) - 1. 17,903

14. Pedro de la Dew (Spain, Jaguar) - 1. 18,015

15. Eddi Irvine (Ireland, Jaguar) - 1. 18,016

16. Jean Alezi (France, Prost) - 1. 18,178

17. Enrike Bernoldi (Brazil, Arrows) - 1. 18,575

18. Dzhankarlo Fisichella (Italy, Benetton) - 1. 18,622

19. Ljuchano Burti (Brazil, Prost) - 1. 18,753

20. Dzhenson Batton (Great Britain, Benetton) - 1. 19,033

21. Diego Alonso (Spain, Minardi) - 1. 19,454

22. Tarso Markesh (Brazil, Minardi) - 1. 20,690