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Alonso starts in Silverstoune about a poll - pozishn

Spaniard Fernando Alonso from Renault became the winner of qualification Gran - at Great Britain . Together with it from the starting field first row Kimi Rajkkonen will go to race ( the McLaren ), last seconds qualifying arrivals outstripped German Michael Schumacher ( Ferrari ) .
the British pilot Dzhenson Batton on " has not managed to please local public; to Honda shown in the first session only 19 - j result. Before the beginning racing uik - enda Batton really estimated the forces, believing that in race it will be difficult to it to struggle with such commands as Renault Ferrari and the McLaren however rested certain hopes of qualification, objazujas to try to enter into the six of the strongest. But instead of it with this problem its Brazilian partner Rubens Barrichello has consulted. Trouble has comprehended also Jarno Trulli, Toyota which has lighted up at the very beginning of qualification that is why the Italian has appeared the unique pilot who has not shown test time.
struggle for leadership was developed already towards the end of the third session. At first on an intermediate poll there was Michael Schumacher. However Alonso who finished a circle after the German, has improved its time. And then Schumacher`s hopes of start from the first line of a starting field have thawed with finish Rajkkonena.
Upon termination of qualification Michael has waved away: Yes, we expected to be ahead. But all depends also on fuel level. So we will be judged by race . Alonso has appeared is more verbose: I was the fastest in all three sessions of qualification. Also I dare to assure you that high speed - not result of that my car was much easier, than the same Ferrari . A gain a poll - pozishn are twenty percent of success in the modern Formula - 1. But even the first place and start from the first line of a starting field do not give guarantees - he has told in interview of the Air Forces.
we will notice that already upon termination of qualification it became known that shown 20 - j the result of Takuma Sato will be moved on 22 - ju a position. The matter is that on it Super Aguri the engine has been replaced during the third free practice.
Gran - at Great Britain. Qualification
1. Fernando Alonso ( Renault )
2. Kimi Rajkkonen ( the McLaren )
3. Michael Schumacher ( Ferrari )
4. Felipe Weight ( Ferrari )
5. Dzhankarlo Fisichella ( Renault )
6. Rubens Barrichello ( Honda )
7. Ralf Schumacher ( Toyota )
8. Juan Pablo Montojja ( the McLaren )
9. Nik Hajdfeld ( BMW - Zauber )
10. Jacque Vilnev ( BMW - Zauber )
11. David Coulthard ( Red Bull )
12. Niko Rosberg ( Williams )
13. Vitantonio Liutstsi ( Toro Rosso`s Scuderia )
14. Christian Klien ( Red Bull )
15. Scott Spid ( Toro Rosso`s Scuderia )
16. Tiego Monterio ( Midland )
17. Mark Uebber ( Williams )
18. Christian Albers ( Midland )
19. Dzhenson Batton ( Honda )
20. Frank Montani ( Super Aguri )
21. Jarno Trulli ( Toyota )
22. Takuma Sato ( Super Aguri )