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In the opinion of Kimi the hope

Pilot McLaren of Kimi Rajkkonen again has arisen has won qualification Gran - at Great Britain . Now in Sunday races the Finn will start from the first position of a starting field. In the third time in the career and for the first time in this season.
after Kimi has won free arrivals, admirers McLaren began to rub joyfully hands. A pier, at last - that the command began to show result that is there is a chance though in the middle of a season to pull about nerves to favourites a little. And while it turns out. Anyway on a line in Silverstoune ka are faultless.
Rajkkonen has shown time 1 minute, 18,233 seconds. In this time the pilot has overcome the circle of a line equal to 5,141 kilometres (3,195 miles). Thus, having shown the best time in qualification, Rajkkonen for the first time after Gran - at the USA in 2003 has won a poll.
Certainly, it is good to start from the first place, especially if to consider that in the season beginning our results at all did not impress. And this qualification has stood out very good. The car behaved remarkably - has declared Rajkkonen after race, informs AR.

the Second Rubens Barrichello from Ferrari will start in race. Its time 1 minute of 18,305 seconds.
sixfold world champion Michael Schumacher was only the fourth, having overcome a circle for 1:18,710. However, despite it, Shuminator does not leave hope to win 10 - uju race from 11 in this season, but also, to gain 80 victory in the career.
and near to Rustle will start Dzhenson Batton. It was qualified by the third. Has not carried to Fernando Alonso, Fisichella and Bamgarneru. These pilots will be punished that engines have replaced during qualification and free arrivals. They will start therefore on 10 positions below the qualification.
Results of qualification Gran - at Great Britain :

1. Kimi Rajkkonen (Finland, McLaren - Mercedes) 1 minute, 18. 233 seconds.
average speed 233. 343 km/ ch (145. 024 m/
2. Rubens Barrichello (Brazil, Ferrari) 1:18. 305
3. Dzhenson Batton (England, BAR - Honda) 1:18. 580
4. Michael Schumacher (Germany, Ferrari) 1:18. 710
5. Jarno Trulli (Italy, Renault) 1:18. 715
6. Fernando Alonso (Spain, Renault) 1:18. 811
7. David Coulthard (Scotland, McLaren - Mercedes) 1:19. 148
8. Juan Pablo Montojja (Colombia, Williams - BMW) 1:19. 378
9. Takuma Sato (Japan, BAR - Honda) 1:19. 688
10. Mark Uebber (Australia, Jaguar - Cosworth) 1:20. 004
11. Felipe Weight (Brazil, Sauber - Petronas) 1:20. 202
12. Mark Eugene (Spain, Williams - BMW) 1:20. 335
13. Kristiano yes Matta (Brazil, Toyota) 1:20. 545
14. Christian Klien (Austria, Jaguar - Cosworth) 1:21. 559
15. Dzhordzhio Pantano (Italy, Jordan - Ford) 1:22. 458
16. Nik Hajdfeld (Germany, Jordan - Ford) 1:22. 677
17. Dzhanmarija Bruni (Italy, Minardi - Cosworth) 1:23. 437
18. Zolt Baumgartner (Hungary, Minardi - Cosworth) 1:24. 117
19. Dzhankarlo Fisichella (Italy, Sauber - Petronas) without time
20. Olivier Panis (France, Toyota) without time