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The formula - 1. K.Rajkkonen: I have nothing to lose

Race in Spa has turned back disappointment for Kimi Rajkkonena, being in the lead the distance most part, the Finn has not kept the car on a slippery line from a rain and has left struggle. Events of Gran At Belgium are still fresh in memory, and ahead of next uik - end, the Formula 1 the meeting with Montsej waits, and Kimi considers that the best means to forget about failure - to become successful. definitely, in Spa we counted on other result, but it was pleasant to return to struggle for a title - I, at last, has felt the car, and the Belgian line - the most beautiful place for race of the Formula 1. I managed quite good start, and I have entered at once struggle for a victory - have overtaken two racers and supervised a situation. To the purpose there was no pair of the circles, four minutes. To pilot during a rain improbably difficultly, besides, on last piece of race I had problems with rigid rubber - the car constantly slid. I have returned myself leadership, but have there and then flown in a wall. It has reminded me race in Valencia - there I too came back in boksy on foot, but, unlike Gran At Europe, in Spa I to the last struggled for a victory... It was my unique purpose, other result would allow contenders to increase advantage. However, there is no sense to complain of destiny - I has done the utmost, but it it has appeared insufficiently. I will struggle to the end - remain five races, and I have not got used to recede. We are waited by Gran At Italy. Monza - Mecca for the Italian Italian football fans, but I am assured, on tribunes there will be many Finnish fans. It is fastest line of the championship - to arrive pleasantly here, knowing that this time it is possible to count on the car. One year ago during Saturday training I ran into a wall - as a result of blow washing Ferrari have received serious damages, and that uik - end became for us to the most difficult in a season. Before the Belgian stage of the championship we were tested in Monza - as it seems to me, on this line F2008 should be rather competitive, however, we will wait qualifications. We will make everything to please a command and fans with a victory. It is house race of Ferrari, and it would be simple fantasy to win for the first time Gran At Italy. There is nothing to lose, I will struggle up to the end - gives of a word of Rajkkonena F1News.