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to the Formula - 1 while it is necessary to do without Volkswagen

the German company Volkswagen will not put means in the Formula - 1 . Conversations on it went for a long time and were warmed up by statements of the future head of the company Bernd Pishettsridera. However it has in practice appeared that all messages such have appeared hearings.
one week ago the future boss of the company Bernd Pishettsrider who in April will head the company, has declared that Volkswagen intend to put means in royal races, in particular, to make engines for stables. Pishettsrider has explained words the desire to see DM in to the Formula - 1 informs f1 - live.
However not all was so simply. The representative of company Klaus Volkert has been compelled to explain to journalists that the future boss of the company has glanced in too far future. Difficulties which has faced Volkswagen In the world market, will not allow the company to turn the look on the Formula - 1 . Thus he even has dared to laugh over the future chief: Mister Pishettsrider very much likes to go on fishing, but it does not mean yet that we are going to put up money in fishing industry .
However, the company on - former puts up money in other automobile competitions. In particular, till 2005 Volkswagen plans to enclose in sports of 32 million euro. We will not exclude also possibility of that the company it becomes valid to deliver engines for Formulas - 1 in case of the decision of financial problems. It is impossible to forget, what exactly Pishettsrider has achieved participation of BMW in royal races when worked in this company. It is obvious that it will make everything to achieve the object and in Volkswagen .