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Barrichello will not struggle any more with Schumacher

the Racer Ferrari Rubens Barrichello has given unexpected interview on traditional a press - command conferences in the Madonna di to Kampilo in the Dolomitic Alpes. The Brazilian has informed journalists that in a season of 2001 will not struggle with the star partner Michael Schumacher.
when Barrichello has signed the contract with the Italian stable last year, he has loudly declared that it is not going to be the second number in a command. Its problem was to prove that he is capable not only to struggle as equals with the German, but also to win it. Now the Brazilian considers it as the main error in the last season. This year all will be on - to another as he intends to concentrate all efforts to achievement of the maximum result. Barrichello also admitted that last Gran - at Monaco became critical for it. He has ceased to struggle with Schumacher, and all began to turn out better, and before in a command the big nervousness was felt.
as it is known, Rubens has gained the first victory last July on autodrome Hokkenhajm in Germany. Then it in qualification has taken only the eighteenth place. But during race when the line that poured down a rain dried up, Barrichello could win a brilliant emotional victory. Schumacher thus looked at all it from boksov as its car could not continue race after collision on the first circle with Dzhankarlo Fisichella from Benetton . In it the Brazilian sees very valuable lesson - it is not necessary to put before itself of the purposes.
in Hokkenhajme I felt confidently before qualification, but it has appeared only the eighteenth. And before the race I already on what did not count, but has won. It me has taught not to put before itself the purposes, and simply to work on conscience - and result will come - tells Barrichello. In 2001 he will not aspire to something concrete, and is simple as equals with Schumacher will try to benefit Ferrari . If after several races, between us there will be a big difference in points, we will develop other tactics, for now we in equal position - the Brazilian pilot has added.