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Schumacher will go to walk on own street

In a sporting world it became very fashionable to name streets, prospectuses in honour of various stars. In Pittsburgh there is a street Mario Leme, Jean Todt`s name in one of the French cities is immortalised. Has waited the turn and Michael Schumacher.
the decision on perpetuating of a name of the well-known race driver was accepted for a long time already. On Monday official ceremony in small German small town Kerpen which is the small Native land of the world champion will take place. Michael will personally visit this city holiday that own eyes to see how city head Ralf Valkisers declares renaming of Krajslershtrasse into Shumahershtrasse. Then it will walk on this native to it to street.
it is valid, Schumacher has made for Kerpena more than the company a Crysler . Thanks to it the small town became known for the whole world. By the way, the management of Kerpena already has made much for Michael`s praise. On future Shumahershtrasse is kartingovyj the centre of a name of Schumacher. Entering of a name of the race driver in the gold book of honourable citizens of Kerpena becomes a wreath of this cult of personality.