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At Williams normal brakes

the Chief specialist Williams on aerodynamics Jeff Uillis has rejected hearings that its command uses any supereffective brake system. Such gamble have appeared in a press after some times successively race cars Williams became victims of failures when to them drove at braking. Such example already three: drove to Ralfa Schumacher and once - in Juan - Pablo Montojju twice. Uillis strongly was surprised to the appeared hearings. He asserts that brake system Williams - the most usual, and surprises before turns arise absolutely for other reason.
we as a rule fill in a lot of fuel - so was and In Melbourn, and in Interlagose, - he speaks. - can be therefore at braking the car behaves differently, than the others . Uillis considers that all three incidents have occurred because of those racers who went behind.
In turn an Arrows has tried on - to explain to another failure during time Gran - At Brazil when Jos Ferstappen has rammed a race car of Montoji. According to representatives an Arrows the Dutch pilot simply did not expect from Montoji that that will go more slowly, than on the previous circle and, accordingly, begins to brake much earlier. However FIA has solved on - to another and has fined Ferstappena on 15 thousand dollars.