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the Formula - 1 becomes family business

In Montreal has passed the eighth stage of the World championship - Gran - at Canada . Already the second victory in this season was gained by the German pilot Williams Ralf Schumacher. Its big brother Michael, the triple world champion, has lagged behind on Ferrari for 20 seconds.
the third on finish there has arrived Finn Mika Hakkinen from the McLaren . It was the first podium of the double world champion this year. Test points were received also by Finn Kimi Rajkkonen, Frenchman Jean Alezi and Spaniard Pedro de la Dew. After this race Michael Schumacher has even more strengthened the in the lead position in the championship. At it 58 points. David Coulthard who has not reached this time to finish from the McLaren lags behind already on 18 points.
start has passed very easy. Racers have left in race practically on the same places, which zavevali in qualification. Michael Schumacher started not in the best way, but nevertheless has kept leadership. Ralf remained the second. Already on the first circle on a line there were yellow flags. Struggle have left faced Nik Hajdfeld from Zauber and Eddi Irvin from the Jaguar and also Dzhankarlo Fisichella who has suffered from the partner on to Benetton Dzhensona Battona. Rubens Barrichello Very tried. It bypassed one contender behind another, but has not sustained pressure and has taken off for a grass. Brazilian ferrarist could return, but for a short while. It for the speed has driven in a wall and on a line has appeared pejs - penalties.
repeated start also has not changed position ahead. Only through ten circles Schumacher - younger has decided to attack the big brother. However the world champion was protected very competently. Meanwhile, the pilot Williams has continued to put pressure on the leader. As a result both have left far forward, and it became clear, what exactly they and will play the main prize if certainly will reach to finish. Having understood that will bypass Michael on a line not simply, Ralf and its command have decided to operate a little on - to another. He has waited, while a red stallion will call in boksy, and in its absence began to show one best circle behind another.
as a result it has sufficed it, that after own pit - foot to outstrip Michael for four seconds. The question consisted only in, whether will repeat Ralf Hakkinen`s recent error on Gran - at Canada . Then the Finn has in the same way bypassed Michael, but has been compelled to descend on last circle. Such variant has not been excluded and this time. The unpleasant example was submitted by Coulthard which motor has blown up out of the blue. Meanwhile, Ralf, despite of everything, has confidently reached to finish, and even has increased a separation. It did not begin to pass forward the senior on a rank As it is done lately by Michael`s partner at the command of Barrichello.
Gran - at Canada
1. Ralf Schumacher (Germany, Williams) - 1:31. 34,522
2. Michael Schumacher (Germany, Ferrari) - backlog 0. 20,235
3. Mika Hakkinen (Finland, McLaren) - 0. 40,672
4. Kimi Rajkkonen (Finland, Zauber) - 1. 08,115
5. Jean Alezi (France, Prost) - 1. 10,435
6. Pedro de la Dew (Spain, Arrows) - 1 circle
7. Rikardo the Umbrella (Brazil, Jordan) - 1 circle
8. Ljuchano Burti (Brazil, Prost) - 1 circle
9. Tarso Markesh (Brazil, Minardi) - 3 circle
10. Jos Ferstappen (Holland, Arrows) - 4 circles
11. Jarno Trulli (Italy, Jordan) - 6 circles
the General offset
1. M.Schumacher (Germany, Ferrari) - 58 points
2. David Coulthard (Great Britain, McLaren) - 40
3. Rubens Barrichello (Brazil, Ferrari ) - 24 points
4. R.Schumacher (Germany, Williams) - 22
5 - 6. Nik Hajdfeld (Germany, Zauber) and Mika Hakkinen (Finland, McLaren) - 8
7 - 9. Kimi Rajkkonen (Finland, Zauber), Jacque Vilnev (Canada, BAR), Jarno Trulli (Italy, Jordan) - 7.