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Bicycle race in honour of the Great Victory

the Russian professional bicycle command the Katyusha with support of the Board of guardians of Federation of bicycle sports of Russia, Fund of development and support of bicycle sports, Open Society Gazprom GK Rostehnologii and Open Company NGK ITERA spends bicycle race Moscow - St.-Petersburg . Run is devoted 65 - letiju the Great Victory and 75 - letiju the beginnings mass velodvizhenija in the country.
bicycle race starts on April, 18th in Moscow and finishes on April, 23rd in St.-Petersburg. The route in the extent of 1328 kilometres will pass in places of fierce battles of the Great Patriotic War - through the cities of Tver, Rzhev, Velikie Luki, Pskov and Luga. Participants of bicycle race will assign flowers to memorials to defenders of the Native land, will meet veterans of war, pupils of children`s sports schools.
Bicycle race urged to draw attention of the wide public to revival of traditions of mass cycling and formation of a healthy way of life in Russia, to popularise domestic cycling on an example of achievements of the Russian professional bicycle command the Katyusha .
Among participants of bicycle race - racers of a command the Katyusha and known veterans of cycling: the Olympic champions Vladimir Osokin, Sergey Suhoruchenkov and Anatoly Jarkin, world champion Sergey Nikitenko, the champion of the USSR, the winner of bicycle race of the world Ivan Mishchenko, the prize-winner of the world championships Peter Chevardov, the champion of the USSR Anatoly Bessons, the champion of Russia Yury Amelhin.