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“ the Syndrome of Chisory “ has come to Russia

on April, 1st weighing of participants of the third under the account of boxing tournament of draw of Taf Fajt which will pass on April, 2nd in Moscow on arena Milk Moscow under patronage of the known boxer in the world - superheavyweight Nikolay Valueva has taken place.
This time has not done without the scandal superheavyweights Nikolay Maksimov and Alexey Varakin became which main participants. Right after weighings during fight “ sights “ Maxims has given slap in the face of Varakinu. Thanks to intervention of organizers of a premature duel it was possible to avoid. This incident by accident has coincided on a visit to Moscow known provoker Dereka Chisory who, probably and has inspired Nikolay on this “ a feat “.
we Will remind that fight with participation 2 - multiple World champion WBC, Champion WBC International (25 fights, 20 victories, 13KO) Aslanbeka Kodzoeva against the Samara sportsman Ilshata Hasnulatina should become the main event of the third tournament. However on the eve of fight of Aslanbek it was injured on training, and its place on tournament was occupied with Karen Avetisjan which have received the second chance after recent loss to Alexander Yekimov.
results of weighing of participants of the third tournament “ Taf Fajt “:
the Category to 60 kg
Basyzbek Baratov (Moρκβΰ/ Russia) - 53,5 kg
Evgenie Chuprakov (Wood/ Russia) - 59,1 kg
the Category to 70 kg
Alexander Ukrainets (Moscow/ Russia) - 69,7 kg
Bogdan Protsishin (it is equal/ Ukraine) - 69,2 kg
the Category to 80 kg
Ilshat Hasnulatin (Samara/ Russia) - 79,3 kg
Karen Avetisjan (Russia) - 76,4 kg
the Category to 90 kg
Fuad Muradov (Moscow/ Russia) - 84,3 kg
Ilya Shakuro (Rudensk/ Belarus) - 81,4 kg
the Category over 90 kg
Nikolay Maksimov (Miass/ Russia) - 92,4 kg
Alexey Varakin (Nizhni Tagil/ Russia) - 100,2 kg