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Zenith there was the champion of Russia on volleyball

to Salim Abdullin
a Kazan command Zenith became the double champion of Russia on volleyball. For the first time for many years the club which could not dream of similar end of a season became the winner of internal superiority. Logic was not any.
troubles have begun one year ago. After bronze success a command the Dynamo - Tattransgaz sponsors have decided to leave head coach Victor Sidelnikovym (now working in Belarus). But then it not seemed tragedy, after all to it on change has come the helmsman Russian national team Vladimir Alekno. In Kazan sincerely believed that to this expert will not make special work to entice in capital Tatarii of two - three strong volleyball players from Moscow, Odintsov on change left.
besides the trainer citizens of Kazan have lost three players of volleyball players: Kosarev, Tetjuhina and Egorcheva. Two first have decided to come back home to Belgorod where their families have taken root. Last on spirit is not transferred by Vladimir Alekno after the conflict in a national team (who could think that they will meet in the ending). Therefore zenith urgently needed strengthening. By the way, and the club name has been decided to change just in the middle of 2008.
as a result to the offer of Alekno has responded only dinamovets Korneyev who was positioned as the player a top - a class. But on a season course Vladimir Romanovich considered as an error its invitation. On level of stars the Kazan club considerably conceded not only to the Spark with the Dynamo . Even revived the Locomotive - Belogore could give hundred points of odds volzhanam.
To active work with Zenith Alekno has started only in the end of summer after the Olympic games in Beijing. Leaders of a command Ball and Stanley, becoming winners of the Olympic Games, some months simply typed standards. In the first official match under the direction of the new trainer for the Supercup of Russia in Moscow Zenith has lost the Dynamo .
citizens of Kazan capitulated To the same command in the Ending of four the Cup of Russia in Novosibirsk. Without having managed to win two titles, tatarstantsy have concentrated on League of champions and national championship. In the European tournament Zenith has passed further, than the Dynamo (taken off for the one eighth ending), but not so, as the Spark (got in the Ending of four ) .
In a group stage of the domestic championship Zenith has rolled down on the fifth place. And here when the limit on bad luck has been settled, before citizens of Kazan the ray of hope has flashed. Played towards the end of a season novourengojsky the Torch has won final round the Locomotive in Belgorod. Railwaymen have fallen on the fifth line, citizens of Kazan have risen on the fourth, having got of advantage of the hall in opposition with belgorodtsami.
the Grid plej - off was represented ideal. In case of a victory over belgorodtsami Zenith left on the Torch . And it is far not the Spark with the Dynamo which have converged in a semi-final. To capital club zenitchiki have lost on a course of a season 2008/ 2009 four matches successively! the Spark is in general an assembly of inhabitants of heaven in person Zhiby, Shopsa, Abramova. To begin with it was necessary to pass Belogore .
Here again the way of citizens of Kazan to a pedestal could break. Railwaymen have powerfully spent the first chetvertfinalnuju game in Kazan, having practically control over a victory. Only on thaw - a break which has come to the end with inconceivable result 24:22, Zenith has won the first match, so that dry to lose in Belgorod in a reciprocal duel. Play commands at once the third match, to Zenith not pozdorovilos. But the break lasted ten days.
the command has sat down on gathering, has properly had a rest. Here and Americans have started, having felt a smell plej - off which is especially appreciated behind ocean. zenith took the third game 3 - 0 and Urengoj has departed in New. Having carried out of a problem - a minimum (one victory in two matches on a platform of the contender), citizens of Kazan have beaten the Torch houses 3:0, 3:1, in a series 3 - 1. While Muscovites and odintsovtsy fought in semifinal opposition, citizens of Kazan had already a rest and easy prepared for the ending.
having saved up an energy charge, Zenith has brought down it on poor the Spark in the face of fans situated near Moscow. Tatarstantsy dominated 3:0 and 3:2. Though in the second game the club situated near Moscow has been obliged to win, conducting in the fourth party 16:10. But good luck was already difficult for beating out from hands volzhan. Here the loaded word Korneyev who was one of the best in structure has told. Game at Stanley has not gone, there are no problems, put Cheremisina. It also has brought to a command gold a point.
before the third game in Kazan in Basket - a hall Gagarin`s Cup and the Cup of Russia on basketball which have been won, accordingly, " has been exposed; Ak the Leopard and the UNIX in 2009. A hint on a victory to Zenith has justified. Fans has come more than eight thousand, they should be placed even in passes. All of them roughly welcomed a champion title of volleyball players of Kazan. The decisive match account 3:1 (25:21, 18:25, 25:21, 25:21).
Champion structure Zenith : Korneyev, Bogomolov, Bovduj, Babichev, Hares, Shpilev, Cheremisin, Abrosimov, Apalikov, Kolesnikov, Ermakov, Ball (USA), Stanley (USA).
the Championship of Russia. Men. Plej - off

For 3 - e a place
the Dynamo (Moscow) - the Torch (New Urengoj) - 2:3 (19:25, 25:21, 21:25, 25:20, 13:15)
the Account in a series: 0 - 3
the Ending
Zenith (Kazan) - the Spark (Moscow Region) - 3:1 (25:21, 18:25, 25:22, 25:21)
the Total account in a series: 3 - 0