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V.Hrjunov: It was grandiose fight of the Pie

Vladimir Hrjunov, the manager of Russian boxer Denis Lebedev, has commented for readers - Sports fight results for a title of the world champion on the average weight (under version WBO) between Russian Dmitry Pirogom and Japanese Nobuhiro Isidoj.
is there was a grandiose fight performed by the Russian boxer. Periodically I even caught myself on thought that as if this evening Dmitry prepares for any following fight - with the boxer possessing approximately the same physical data: length of hands, growth That is, with the Japanese it turned out any combinations.
as a whole fight has passed in very high rate and from time to time something reminded me a duel of two karatekas: a considerable quantity of blows, competition in dexterity Well, and victorious for the Pie result of fight does not cause doubts - he has won all rounds. And judges also were unanimous in the decisions.
Thus the contender too tried. And I think, Isida has spent this fight from all forces what at it only were. In this sense it reminded the pilot of known military times who has flied up from airdrome and further already initially had no possibility to land: it does not have chassis, anything It left to die on a ring. And it is valid, there were many episodes when only courage rescued it. Therefore I think that such entertainment fight can decorate history of the Russian professional boxing only.
I did not expect Dmitry`s preschedule victory. This time it needed to prepare for fight on all rounds and to train in appropriate way. Though, of course, on a duel course there were episodes when it seemed that else absolutely hardly - hardly - Dmitry needs to develop only a little attack - and the Japanese capitulates. But our boxer correctly did that was very cautious and tried not to climb in vain forward. I think that it - only its high-class acknowledgement.
As to a name of possible following contender Dmitry it would be logical to spend unifying fight with the owner of champion belt IBF Denielem Gil. Negotiations between commands of two boxers already are, and it, undoubtedly, there will be very interesting duel. Which, besides, for certain will interest the American television.