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On holidays the Business Champions League had not a rest

on April, 27th football tournament " has proceeded; Business Champions Leagues the largest corporate league of Moscow organised by the company RUSPORTING .
on April, 27th on MSA the Locomotive matches of the sixth round of a Champions League of the Business organised by the company " have taken place; RUSPORTING in Battalions the Grandee the Fan the Debutant and 44 .
In the Battalion the Grandee the champion was defined. The command " became them; tehnopul which has confidently changed SSU - 160 - 5:2. Doubles in this game noted at winners Igor Korotayev, and at lost Alexey Rjumshin.
the Second place was occupied with a command MORTON . For this purpose it had to overcome Fans with the account 3:2. At fans two balls in Michael Korostelev`s active.
On the third place while there is a command VRT which has with great difficulty beaten PGK - 3:2.
In the Battalion the Fan the intrigue will remain before last round.
while on the first place there is a command IBS Platformix which with the account 4:2 has got the best over RUSSIAN SPACE DEPARTMENT . All four balls at winners were hammered by Vladimir Zhabkin.
On the second place NOVATEK . In this round NOVATEK celebrated a victory over a command PARKojl with the account 7:2. Alexey Mitkin has written down into the account het - trik, and its partner on command Michael Filippov a double.
on the third place after a victory over SHokoladnitsej with the account 6:2 has settled down BALTNVESTBANK . At bankers three goals were hammered by Pavel Gudkov, two Alexey Ivanov. At SHokoladnitsy both goals on Valery Chugajnova`s account.
in one meeting Kaspersky Lab. has inflicted defeat over a command SAP - 4:2. Three balls in this game were hammered by Alexey Gargalyk.
In a battalion the Debutant the champion too will be defined only in final round. While on the first place there is a command Rockwool which thanking het - triku Alexander Chindorina has won Enerdzhi Consulting - 3:1. And the main persecutor of a command Rockwool Softline - too not without het - trika, it was made by Anton Semyonov - has won against a command Acronis - 4:1.
energosetproekt having beaten the Microgene - 4:2, left on the third place in the Battalion. Alexey Ilyin has caused a stir in this game by three hammered balls.
and NPTS the Leader again has arranged a goal enchanting spectacle, having crushed Commander Taksi with the account 14:2. Alexander Globenko has hammered in five balls. Its team mate too could correct the personal account: Dmitry Borkin on three balls, Sergey Kolganov on two. At taxi drivers both balls on Konstantin Haritonova`s account.
In a battalion 44 Nike by means of Vadim Grodnitsky`s five balls has won a victory over - Sports with the account 5:4.
Continues to smash the contenders TOP MEDIA . This time the command has suffered from it the Capital - Insurance . 11:0 - with such account the command " has won; TOP MEDIA . At Alexey Bocharkina in this meeting five balls, and at Vitaly Rumjantseva four.
finam has crushed the Championship. com - 7:2. Brothers of Rybnikovy from " have perfectly played in this duel; finam . Alexander has made poker, and Evgenie a double.
Even in one game SPORTBOX. RU has broken resistance of a command NTV + - 3:1. Two balls in this match on Nikita Paltseva`s account ( SPORTBOX. RU ) .
Well and basketball players played even days off!
on April, 29th in SDJUSHOR Timirjazevsky have passed final games of a group stage of a Champions League of the Business, spent by the company RUSPORTING in Battalions the Superleague the Master and the Fan .
In the Battalion the Master the first place has won LUKOIL TD having beaten the direct competitor Rosenergoatom with the account 46:37; the Three heroically pulled out a victory at investgazavtomatiki with the account 40:39 has taken the third place; Microsoft on a class beaten IBS - 66:53 has settled down on the fifth line; and DME thanks to a technical victory over the Hypropipeline it will be overcome for the Silver Cup .
Thus LUKOIL TD and Rosenergoatom will struggle for the Gold Cup ; the Three investgazavtomatika Microsoft and DME participate in a serebrjannom Cup and the Hypropipeline and IBS will take part in the Bronze Cup .
In the Battalion the Superleague gold was won by a command Kaspersky Lab. beaten Moscow Basketball with the account 47:46; the second place occupies Savings Bank TSA overcome the Alliance - 77:47; MAJOR having beaten the National team of Journalists 63:55 will take part in the Gold Cup ; and here VTB lost LotosPoker 58:66 - a question of the first - the second place the Main point will take part in a battalion "
; the Fan has been solved still one week ago, and therefore the main intrigue of last game day consisted in struggle for the third place. After on Wednesday in the transferred match NPTS the Leader has beaten proteka - 50:38 for bronze applied only Opening and rajffajzenbank . As a result of an internal meeting Opening it has appeared more strongly - 46:31 and consequently has won the third place. In other meetings of day owners of gold and silver - the multinational corporation - BP and Uralsib have overcome commands taking last and penultimate places - BANK HOUM the CREDIT and PSB . the multinational corporation - BP was stronger bankers 50:25, Uralsib has changed PSB with the account 42:28.
So, in struggle for the Silver cup go the multinational corporation - BP and Uralsib . And other commands of the Battalion in the company with the Hypropipeline and IBS will be overcome for the Bronze cup .