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Promoter Chagaeva: Valuev the biggest coward in the world

Yesterday in Hamburg promotion company Universum Box - Promotion has collected a press - the conference devoted to recent cancellation of a duel for title WBA in a super heavyweight between Ruslanom Chagaevym and Nikolay Valuevym, transfers allboxing. ru.
On a press - conferences were present the head of company Klaus - Peter Kohl, Ruslan Chagaev, the president of Federation of boxing of Germany Bodo Ekmann, personal doctor Chagaeva Mikael Enert and the known German expert in the field of a hepatitis of Hajner Vedemejer. Promoter Chagaeva has been extremely revolted by fight cancellation as, in their unanimous opinion, nothing interfered with an exit of Chagaeva on a ring, and Valuev could secure itself the vaccination spent at first 24 o`clock after fight.
Valuev the biggest superheavyweight and the biggest coward in the world, - has declared Kohl. - He is afraid not only Ruslana, but also a small prick of a vaccine which would guarantee to it absolute safety. It hunts on bears and wild boars and avoids pricks? For this reason it has avoided fight by means of a similar dirty trick. It could consult with experts, therefore it is obvious me that fight cancellation has other reasons. We will call for responsibility of the people who have cancelled fight, but at first we want to wait decision WBA which should appear in the end of this week, and then consider legal actions. The Finnish federation of boxing - the small organisation, and, probably, this situation has appeared for it too difficult. But Zauerland is engaged for a long time in promotion activity, longer, than I, and he should watch that all rules were applied properly. In my opinion, it is the big scandal .
Judging by documents, Ruslan Chagaev is completely healthy, - Hajner Vedemejer has told. - I do not understand interpretation of results of the test, made my Finnish colleagues. Ruslana Chagaeva do not have any infection and it, undoubtedly, could box in the third time. The liver g - on Chagaeva functions absolutely normally, and he cannot be considered as the patient, it easier carrier of an antigene of a virus of a hepatitis In . Personal doctor Chagaeva Mikael Enert has once again confirmed that analyses of blood of the boxer remain stable throughout long time, and last analyses taken by the Finnish doctors, differed nothing from analyses of 2007 when Chagaev and Valuev have met for the first time. The president of federation of boxing of Germany Bodo Ekmann has noticed that its Finnish colleagues have made many errors which could be avoided if they have responded to the offer on the help from federation headed by it. I can assure present that under our control this fight would take place - has underlined Ekmann.
After I have torn an Achilles tendon, Zauerland named me the deceiver. I have kept silent, because wanted to prove the case on a ring, - Chagaev has told. - They have fraudulently deprived of me fight. Nobody dares to arrive with me thus. All was known in advance, and they could inform me on the doubts. But on Friday when I already practical slept, to me in number have knocked and have informed on fight cancellation. To me behaviour Sauerland Event is absolutely not clear. Two years ago indicators were just the same and then anybody has told nothing. I will struggle with everyone who spreads false informations about we wash health. I am healthy and ready to box .