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In the Olympic building Vladimir Potanin

the Power seriously can be engaged does the rate on management pass by key investment projects to hands of the people who have already proved the efficiency in private business. So, Victor Vekselberg will build innograd in Skolkove, and Alexander Hloponin became plenipotentiary Severo - the Caucasian federal district. By data the New newspaper in the near future the head of state corporation Olimpstroj Vladimir Potanin will be appointed.
however, writes the edition, and today the main building of the country the businessman eks - head " operates; Baltic Tajmuraz Bolloev. The state corporation is formally independent, but key decisions all the same are necessary for co-ordinating with Olympic vitse - prime minister Dmitry Kozakom, and with it at Bolloeva labour relations have not developed. It was not possible to solve a problem and with contractors: Steal, and terms of performance of works move in infinity, and quality below any criticism.
the project gradually sinks in imeretinskih bogs, and this fact cannot be hidden neither from journalists and the public, nor from the International Olympic committee, from Vladimir Putin. For Putin it is the project, it is told in article with which he wants to become history. More precisely, anyway will enter, but to become the person of the loudest failure in national history in plans of the prime minister, certainly, does not enter.
our source in Presidential Administration asserts that last drop was that ill-starred storm which in December, 2009 has actually destroyed all objects of the future cargo port in a river Mzymty mouth. The most ridiculous that has first of all washed off a brand new pier which should protect port from waves. Now port will construct it is not known when, and after all through this transport knot the big share of building materials should arrive. The Olympic project now under the threat, and builders have tried to write off own defects on unprecedented violence of elements. But Putin in Sochi has a rest regularly and knows that ten-mark storm there do not happen.
the first problem which is in Sochi is stoppers. The main transport highway of a city, the Resort prospectus, already today the same godforsaken place for motorists, as well as the centre of Moscow. Within the limits of preparation for Games promise to construct the prospectus - the doubler, but, even by optimistical estimations of experts it will unload Resort no more than on 20 % while the traffic will increase multiply. And on its construction than $2 billion It only on building is required not less. And if to consider that the doubler will go on residential areas, it is necessary to be spent and for moving. If, of course, not to operate absolutely with barbarous methods, throwing out people on street.
the second problem without which decision the international recognition of the project, ecology is impossible. Only this year on green front there were two scandals. In March the United Nations agency on preservation of the environment has let out the devastating report, which resume at the Olympic building complex influence of some projects on an ecosystem of Sochi and its population " is not taken into account;. And in May the director of the Russian branch of the World fund of the wild nature (WWF) Igor Chestin has declared that the organisation leaves ecological support of the Olympic building in Sochi. The global ecological organisation not any geographical society, will not work as a screen. And all recommendations developed WWF - Russia, according to Chestina, simply went to a basket, building went the turn, creating real threat to the unique subtropical nature that, actually, and the United Nations commission has noted.
intonations the IOC which all this time, certainly, supported Russia Have changed even, shutting eyes to our internal problems if only building moved. But it moves so slowly that already the representative the IOC Jean - Claude Kili has been compelled to express bewilderment publicly: where, actually, there will live visitors and participants of Games if building of the promised hotels on 42 thousand numbers yet did not begin?
but social conflicts have begun and have become aggravated. To a city already today have arrived not less than 16 thousand guest workers, by the end of the year the figure can grow to 50 thousand. It in such megacity as Moscow, they can be dissolved without problems, and in small Sochi already represent a problem. At last, in the Olympic Games citizens of Russia have ceased to trust even. According to VTSIOMa (which results, by the way, often happen are rather convenient to the Kremlin), only 37 % of Russians are certainly assured that our country can adequately spend Games.
Certainly, the third change of the head Olimpstroja for three years will look it a little frivolous, but the project - that needs to be rescued. Requirements to the anti-recessionary manager besides professional suitability are that: it is rich enough not to steal, it is loyal to the Kremlin, it is independent of local groups of influence, but thus a sign with business dealing rules in region. Vladimir Potanin to such requirements satisfies, confirms a source the New newspaper from an Old Square. Sochi is included for a long time into sphere of its interests.
affiliated company Interros the Rose Farm one of the largest private investors in a city. a rose Farm builds the mounting skiing resort with the same name and the project with the budget about $2 mlrd it is close to end. Next year carrying out of a stage of the Cup of Europe on mountain skiing there is planned and there are no preconditions that this sports forum will break. Besides this project which is positioned as commercially successful, Potanin is engaged in Sochi and charity about all in the same sports bias. It has enclosed 150 million dollars in the Russian international Olympic university which on termination of building in 2013 will be presented to the state. This such Skolkovo with a sports bias school for the future champions. Olympic.
It is said that such ability voluntary to share earned with the state also has convinced vitse - prime minister Igor Sechina who recommended to Putin to pay attention to Potanin`s nominee. If it so problems in relations with the government at potential olimpstroevtsa should not be.