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Matches 4 - go round of League of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS

have taken place So it has turned out that the summer has replaced spring, the poplar down began to fall instead of a rain, and fans of football are going to look in bars not league of champions, and the European championship, and only Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange League - RTS continues to move further under the schedule. On Friday, on June, 1st, have passed the fourth games of this season.
VTB the Capital - finam 1:3
the First shoot for goal has put VTB the Capital truth, it has flown by a little above gate. The second blow too became a fruit of work of a command in white T-shirts. This time the ball has pleased precisely in the purpose. Oleg Tsetsegov has spoilt mood orange already on 2 - j to minute.
the goalkeeper finama not what stood in the previous matches, felt between bars, frankly speaking, uncertainly. Has run out hasty from gate, has beaten out a ball precisely attacking VTB the Capital And itself behind it trace has jumped in a far corner. And if was not in time? Whether imitating the goalkeeper, whether slightly having frozen, but orange and in an attack made mistakes. For example, some times football players instead of striking blow, being already close to penal, gave a pass on other party of a field. What for? On both questions spectators could receive the answer only in the second time. But to it still it was necessary to live, the blessing to live they became with goalkeeper Denis Gusev who has come back to a system to whom it was necessary properly popotet to a break. Attacks VTB the Capital all time looked more powerful, finama - faster. Both those, and others operated dangerously. But to second half of meeting and could not change anything.
interest to game after a whistle comes back during penal, earned by players finama . The command does not manage to even up scores, but turns out to show the physical and tactical readiness. Attacking competently block the goalkeeper of contenders who should make the way through them forward, as if to the traveller through jungle. finam takes hold of advantage and seizes it to the ending of a meeting. VTB the Capital has not relaxed, simply goal orange it is necessary now more. White it is necessary to play only counterattacks and that on them to play, forces which to game end becomes ever less are necessary to them. It also is not ashamed to use finam . The Captain, Evgenie Rybnikov, having beaten on flank of the defender, overturns the goalkeeper and sends a ball in gate. Unfortunately, that there would not like at all that is why it starts to brake and shirk. It with pleasure is finished by Igor Popov. 1:1. In three minutes Rybnikovu nevertheless manages to hammer most, and again after demonstration of good technics. Vyacheslav Morozkov on 58 - j puts to minute an end in this match. For all this time VTB the Capital never could give them the worthy answer. And Vyacheslav has commented on a meeting: At us again an appreciable role has played nesygrannost . Only in the end of the second time have started to play normally a pass and to open. Then also game has gone. While on - former difficult there are for us interaction questions .
Opening - Solid 5:4
the Best game of round in the beginning did not foretell such rank. From Opening waited for goals though it was possible them and not to wait, because in the previous match they have caused a stir only once. To hope that Solid will play the same as played with last command of League in last round, a little bit awkwardly. It was necessary to observe only when something will occur. In some minutes has occurred penal after which all was started turning and has begun to spin. This time the defender yellow with a head has interrupted a canopy from the standard. Next time the wall has beaten off, and on 12 - j to minute Andrey Vanin has forced to return Solid in a midfield. And it is correct! They have sat up on the half. On 20 - j to minute of an abacus became equal. But in 8 minutes, the same time interval that between the first and second ball, blue again come forward and keep the victorious account to a break. The goal has been hammered by Anton Kornevym from a penalty. The defender Solida the penal has casually played a hand in own. yellow of course, tried to even up scores to a break, but instead hardly yet have not received a ball in the gate. The goalkeeper has fallen in time and has covered a ball.
in the second time contenders began to play more attentively. So the following ball has been hammered only on 41 - j to minute all by the same Anton Kornevym. In some minutes rupture has been increased to three balls, and, appear, that in this match all is solved. But Solid has managed to hammer still twice. Probably, replacement of the goalkeeper at " has affected; blue . After the command has moved in the account 4:1, goalkeepers have decided to exchange in places. The beginner could not prove well, and during the following of 8 minutes has allowed to beat itself twice. At the slippery account, the command has asked to return to a frame former the keeper . And knowingly! The third ball for game hammers 19 - j in number Opening . And the match all the same comes to the end with a goal Solida and last storm subsequent to it.
Nettrejder - Brokerkreditservis 0:10
Already on 20 - j to minute of an abacus for one of commands becomes humiliating. Without doubts, the outsider of the championship and the beginner of tournament " loses; Nettrejder . Two players " have in this time caused a stir; BKS - Yury Skorkin and Oleg Karasev. The first was noted het - trikom, and the second - a double. Would be silly to expect other result, and, nevertheless, salatovye from time to time snap how they are able - by gate. Nettrejder absolutely ineptly begins attacks. Opredelenkov Alexander, the defender salatovyh some times tried to give transfer to the centre when both flanks have been opened. Inexperience of players, bad vision of a field Here affects. BKS in the meantime takes pleasure in game. Already start to play on pleasure to the fan and beauty. After draw penal, attacking darkly - dark blue tries akkuratnenko to enclose a heel a ball in a near gate corner. The goalkeeper blocks a zone. If in a command of contenders also it would be desirable somebody to allocate, it is the goalkeeper. Vladimir Prokhorov without problems rescues the command from inevitable crash. Does not gain only when defenders allow to beat BKS before the collars. So the five of balls in the second piece of a match flies.
Nettrejder with whistle goes forward. To lose it there is already nothing, and it is possible to hammer still. In last round with Solidom in one ball have hammered. Their attacks left lungs and for the time being did not foretell any trouble. However, the moments by the meeting end it has been created in size with the big pool. Only the attacking have not shown any sensible end. It would not be desirable to mark the goalkeeper " at all; BKS defended in dry . More likely, it is a merit salatovyh all time of missing gate, rather than Michael Azarov. Having recovered from unexpected attacks BKS has again lodged in territory of contenders. Eventually, on 40 - j to minute darkly - dark blue hammer in the sixth ball. The third goal into the account is written down by Oleg Karasev who will hammer still a bit later.
the Main guard of gate lost has explained the reason of the next defeat of a command: Have lost, because allowed to beat in an emphasis. We work over the game and fruitfully we train, is simple at us absolutely new command which was declared for the first time. Some time is necessary for us. I think, in the middle of a season all will be adjusted .
the Three Dialogue - Aton - the Line 3:3
Opposite a field on which there were commands, the sponsor`s poster hung. On a cloth the small bottle image " flaunted; Senezhsky waters. As it has appeared, it has appeared on that place not casually. Commands did not have not enough freshness until the first ball has been hammered. On 10 - j to minute Pavel Sivolapov attacking " has caused a stir; Three Dialogue . Aton - the Line revives in the face of. After the passed ball the command takes hold of the initiative, puts a considerable quantity of distant blows, subjecting the goalkeeper to a permanent job and intensity, and in own the penal do not risk and play on carrying out. promuchivshis all rest of time, It is red - black evens up scores on penultimate minute. And this ball hammered by Michael Dyachenko becomes a drink of cool water for Three Dialogue which in an ending spends quite good counterattack. white try the distant gun blows, but they do not have not enough accuracy and time. On a command break leave with the account 1:1.
the Second time is remarkable that for one 46 - ju has been hammered minute two balls. But still hardly earlier, Michael Dyachenko, the defender Aton - the Line has deduced the command forward so Romana Paplinova goal has only increased rupture in the account and has weakened a command. Within two minutes Alexander Kudryashov, too the defender, evens up scores. Game passes again in a channel nesvezhesti. The victory could be extracted in such match only on character. But how with it to keep up, when commands start to be nervous and break rules? Game passes in a struggle genre. So there was a work and to the doctor. The novel Paplinov broke rules near the penal and itself has suffered, having stumbled on a ball and having twisted a foot. To finish it is red - black it was necessary already other structure.
Igor Dyachenko, the taking a detached view match, was happy with result of the command: the Three Dialogue our basic contender. I worried about a command so that is better itself would play. It is possible to lose the championship, but necessarily to win at Three . Today - a drawn game. Conducted, but children are very well physically ready and have managed to stand. Having hammered, we began to play on deduction. To contenders has carried that they have struck such blows which the goalkeeper not in forces to be to beat off. At us especially field player stood, as the goalkeeper is injured .
Russian Funds - Dojche Bank 1:2
Dojche Bank from the very beginning of a meeting has grasped territorial advantage and owned a ball more. In actions Russian Funds some confusion was traced - the command had problems, even to give the first transfer. Probably, having felt it, dark blue took a time - a miss, but it has not helped. As a result in the first time Russian Funds have passed two meek balls - on 7 - j to minute Ilya Goncharenko has caused a stir, and after even 120 seconds the ball in a grid was sent by Dmitry Gajmakov.
Russian Funds very much wanted to recoup and in the second time put weight of efforts to unpack gate of the contender. However players Dojche Bank were tehnichnee and more competently chose positions. Everything that was possible the football player in the dark blue form is to requite one ball. On 35 - j to minute Nail Gabidullin has caused a stir. After a match the captain - winner Sorbon Siroev has given the comment to this meeting: For us game has turned out very successful. The command was collected, but also there were we the good skilled contender. It has not carried a little. In the second time we have passed a ball as have relaxed. On the future we will draw a conclusion that never it is necessary to be switched off ahead of time from game and to underestimate the contender .
Veles the Capital - Junikredit Sekjuritiz 0:9
Junikredit Sekjuritiz have begun that is called, straight away. They have strongly located at once on half of field of the contender. The powerful starting impact has yielded the fruits - on 5 - j to minute a ball in a grid of gate Veles the Capital defender Ilya Sljunkov has sent. This goal became the beginning of defeat which one of the oldest commands of League has made to the contenders. To a break to the goalkeeper Veles the Capital it was necessary to take out twice still a ball from a grid of own gate. 0:3.
in the beginning of the second a time for an instant it seemed that Junikredit Sekjuritiz have a little weakened pressure, but game has shown the return. It became clear that in this match of force of contenders are not equal. Football players in it is white - the red form in a final game piece nakolotili in gate of contenders of 5 more meek balls for all tastes. In the second time het - trikom the captain " was noted; Junikredit Sekjuritiz Alexander Artjushenko.
After a match it also has stated an estimation to this meeting: the Match has passed well - we have won. Despite such account a command Veles the Capital - it is far not a gift. It was not simple at them today replacements. Children well played, in general always it is pleasant to meet them in the field. At us everything has flown that could. There are such happy days .
Progress the Capital - the Renaissance the Capital 6:1
the Beginning of a duel did not foretell a large victory of one of commands. Both collectives which are in the top part of standings struggled as equals, and football players the Renaissance the Capital Even could provide to itself small item advantage. However Progress the Capital from time to time answered with terrible enough counterattacks. One of such counterattacks also has begun defeat the Capital Renaissance . On 18 - j to minute the best bombardir Leagues Marat Mustafin has opened the account in a match. After 3 minutes it has issued a double, and in the end of a time the third goal in gate the Capital Renaissance Vladislav Drozdov has hammered. 3:0.
progress the Capital has continued to operate confidently and in the second game piece. Definitively dozhat the contender it was possible to them in a meeting ending - at first on 52 - j to minute of Ouzels has issued a double, and then Andrey Rachnov has twice afflicted the goalkeeper the Capital Renaissance . On 60 - j minute to football players in salatovoj to the form nevertheless managed to unpack gate of the contender - Dmitry Matjuhin has caused a stir. However this goal has not rendered any influence on the general outcome of a duel.
the meeting Result was brought by the defender Capital Progress Gleb Kordjukov: Matches with a command the Renaissance the Capital always turn out uneasy. They well enough play from defence, other question that at us is such remarkable attacking, as Marat Mustafin and Vlad Drozdov. At us with the Renaissance the Capital it turns out that who the first has hammered, that and has won. Today we have caused a stir the first, then on counterattack have scored the second goal, then the third, well and to our contenders it became absolutely heavy. We have played the game and accurately operated in defence .
TSerih - Region 2:0
Lost 0:5 in last round Region thirsted to prove that in the bottom of standings they occupy a place temporarily. The command has actively begun this meeting and has gone forward. It was visible that TSerih it is ready to such succession of events. Game on counter courses has gone. On 12 - j to minute football players TSeriha have organised excellent attack which has come to the end with a pass to Alexey Valjaevu. The goalkeeper Region by that moment has been won already back, and to the defender it is red - yellow it was necessary to get only to empty gate that it and has made. 1:0. Later 10 minutes after the beginning of the second time to Sergey Sudarikovu the ball from a grid again was necessary to take out. 2:0. region desperately tried to recoup, but after their attacks the ball could not find a goal mouth " in any way; TSeriha .
Game has turned out enough heavy as there were two equal contenders. In the first time to us It was possible to score a goal, and in the second on counterattack have hammered in the second. It was the match for 6 points - as both commands are in the bottom part of the table. We fought to death. Certainly, all would like to win, but today good luck has smiled to us - has told after a match attacking TSerih the Novel Tkachuk.
the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS - Ursa the Capital 3:1
Ursa the Capital from the very beginning of a meeting has grasped the initiative in a match and has begun the item attacks. However the first goal was hammered not by them. Already on 5 - j to minute a heat of young football players Ursy the Capital after Pavel Churko`s pass Vyacheslav Kascheyev has cooled. 1:0. After the hammered ball the game course has changed, and here already football players the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS began to spend more time in attack. The second goal became result of it. On 10 - j to minute Evgenie Tarasov has caused a stir. As players " tried; Ursy the Capital but to give a desirable sharpness to the attacks they could not.
In the second time Ursa the Capital has changed players of a line of an attack. Children searched various variants, but a command the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS looked organizovannee both in an attack, and in protection. It was visible that football players in the dark blue form operate under the account. On 45 - j to minute game advantage the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS it was embodied in the third hammered ball - the double was issued by Evgenie Tarasov. Probably, the despaired goalkeeper Ursy the Capital left on the middle of a field and has tried to reduce independently deficiency of the hammered goals, but has not got to an alignment. Such actions of the goalkeeper have inspired a command, and on 53 - j to minute Artyom Neretin has won back one ball. 1:3. However on bolshee players in it is violet - it have appeared to the white form are not capable.
after a match the captain the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS Pavel Churko has shared a secret of success of the command: Game has passed hard as we in a command almost did not have replacements. We operated distsiplinirovanno - have played from defence, and on counterattacks realised the moments. One goal have passed, unfortunately, but such happens. Ursa the capital - very good command for which the young children play, all running, but today they were fond of attacks, and we managed to punish them for it .
Uralsib - Alor 3:0
the Goalkeeper and in combination the captain Uralsib Sergey Gerakov has habitually begun a match squatting and distributing helps to the partners. It was visible that the goalkeeper is assured of the football players, and this confidence was transferred to players. However unlike matches with other contenders, football players Alor did not allow to Sergey to miss. At a given time Uralsibu it was possible to press the opponent to collars, George Zatsepin`s goal on 21 - j became to minute result of that. At the very end of a time Alexander Panov has doubled advantage of the command. 2:0.
in second half of match game drawing has not exchanged - Uralsib attacked, and Alor answered with rare and harmless attacks. Football players in bright - salatovyh T-shirts dexterously cut protection of contenders by exact transfers and skilful game nakorotke. On 48 - j to minute the definitive account in this match was established by Maxim Panin. 3:0
the captain Uralsib Sergey Gerakov after game has shared the impressions of this meeting: Game has stood out enough the dynamical. We could where - that to pass, but in the have hammered. Basically the account 3:0 on game. This match was 4 rounds most interesting for all. The command is successfully involved during a season. We while win first place in standings, and from here only positive emotions from this draw of League of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS . - your partners have told that during a match you had any incident to a fly. Tell about it more in detail.
- yes, really, I have swallowed a fly. From outside it looked ridiculously, but to me had no time for laughter. With me such happens for the first time. It is not clear, as this fly has appeared on my way.