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MedCup 2010 - the fourth stage has come to the end in the Spanish Cartagena

In a bay of Cartagena from August, 24 till August, 29th the fourth has taken place, penultimate in a year a stage of a series of Audi MedCup - 2010 in which in class TP52 the command " acts; the Synergy . The Russian crew on regatta Murcia Trophy till last day went on the eighth line, however has successfully spent races on Sunday and finished the sixth. a synergy having typed for four stages of a season 241 point, now has got over on the sixth place and in the general offset of the class.
Weather conditions in Cartagena were changeable, in one of days of race have been cancelled completely from - for absence of a wind which has returned by the regatta end, having amplified to 22 knots. Despite nature whims, the regatta has turned out magnificent. Persistent struggle was observed in all sectors of standings. Battle for the first place left especially rigid. Till Saturday TeamOrigin, appear, confidently felt at classification top, but has not very well spent coastal race (extent of 20 n miles) and has lost from - for it chances of success. And here yacht changes Emirates Team New Zealand operated stably and have waited a right moment to intercept the initiative at the British command. New Zealanders have won the next regatta and have even more increased a separation from the nearest persecutors from Quantum in the general offset of a series of Audi MedCup - 2010.
Russian the Synergy (captain Valentine Zavadnikov, steering Karol Jablonski) first could not adapt to uneasy weather conditions and constantly changing wind and has been compelled to be content with the bottom part of the table though has written down to itself in an active finish on a podium in race 2. However on Sunday the Synergy has given a pleasant surprise. In two last races Russians became the second and the fourth that has allowed them not only to rise on the sixth line in regatta offset in Cartagena, but also to move on the same sixth position in a rating of a current season. a synergy now advances the nearest persecutors of Audi A1 - ALL4One and Bribon on 3 and 11,5 points accordingly.
the coach of the team the Synergy Terri Peponne (the Olympic champion of 1988) tells: We while show astable results - we can be in leaders, and we can come in the end. All crew should put correct efforts in one direction at the same time while we have punctures. The same problem at Swedish Artemis and at British TeamOrigin. Another matter - new Zealanders. Even in the presence of problems and errors they, as a rule, do not finish more low 3 - 4 places. a synergy can objectively apply for the standings middle .
the Final regatta of Audi MedCup - 2010 will pass in Cagliari from September, 20 till September, 25th. In Italy Emirates Team New Zealand can provide officially to itself the second successively champion title, and other commands will try to solve local problems.
the captain the Synergy Valentine Zavadnikov: We continue to aspire to creation of mainly Russian-speaking command and education perspective domestic jahtsmenov. For this reason since October youth structure Synergies with helmsman Evgenie Neugodnikovym starts to participate in races on the yacht of class RC44 created by the winner of the Cup Americas Russell Kuttsom .
Audi MedCup, the fourth stage, Cartagena
Class TP52
1. Emirates Team New Zealand (New Zealand) - 27,5 points;
2. Matador (Argentina) - 46;
3. TeamOrigin (Great Britain) - 46,5;
4. Quantum Racing (USA) - 54,5;
5. Artemis (Sweden) - 65;
6. the Synergy / Synergy (Russia, captain Valentine Zavadnikov, steering Karol Jablonski) - 68,5;
7. Luna Rossa (Italy) - 70;
8 . Bribon (Spain) - 71;
9. Audi A1 - ALL4ONE (France - Germany) - 79.
10 . Bigamist 7 (Portugal) - 79,5;
11. Cristabella (Great Britain) - 85,5;
Audi MedCup - 2010
the General offset after four regattas
the Class TP52
1. Emirates Team New Zealand (New Zealand) - 125;
2. Quantum Racing (USA) - 180,5;
3. Matador (Argentina) - 200;
4. TeamORIGIN (Great Britain) - 200;
5. Artemis (Sweden) - 208;
6. the Synergy / Synergy (Russia, captain Valentine Zavadnikov, steering Karol Jablonski) - 241;
7. Audi 1 Team - ALL4One (Germany - France) - 244;
8. Bribon (Spain) - 252,5;
9. Cristabella (Great Britain) - 256;
10. Luna Rossa (Italy) - 265;
11. Bigamist 7 (Portugal) - 315,5.