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Applicants for the Olympic Games became known - 2020

the International Olympic committee (IOC) has published the definitive list of cities which will struggle for the right to accept XXXII summer Olympic games 2020 - go year. In the list appears six cities which have been declared by national Olympic committees (NOK). Applicants for carrying out of the Olympic Games of a steel
Baku, the Fur-coat, Istanbul, Madrid, Rome and Tokyo, informs an official site the IOC.
now struggle which will pass in two stages is necessary to all declared cities. First of all, application committees will present the information on possibilities of a city and the country to the IOC to accept and organise the summer Olympic Games. On the basis of this data executive committee the IOC will select cities which will continue struggle for Games - 2020 in the second stage. How many cities leave in the second stage, is not specified yet.
At the second stage the special commission the IOC will visit each of cities that it is better to estimate possibility of cities to accept the Olympic Games. City elections will take place 7 - go September, 2013 in Buenos - Ajrese.
we Will notice that from six cities applying for Games - 2020, earlier summer Olympic Games accepted only Rome in 1960 - an ohm to year and Tokyo in 1964 - an ohm. Spain once accepted the summer Olympic Games, and Azerbaijan, Qatar and Turkey the Olympic games did not spend.
earlier the desire to accept the Olympic Games - 2020 declared St.-Petersburg, but then the decision to refuse this idea was accepted.