Rus News Journal

Unsweetened taste bronze victories

Female Russian national team on volleyball has disgracefully acted on come to the end in Belgium and Luxembourg the European championship. Having shown to mediocre enough quality of game, our command not only has not managed to reach the ending, but also has not got, thus, to number of participants of a World Cup. Last years domestic fans of sports already as - that have got used to that female Russian national team on volleyball stably is included into number of recognised world leaders. Judge: Olympic Games silver - 2004, World championship gold - 2006. All these regalia, and also a skill level of players available in present command fairly allowed to rank our national team and as number of favourites of present superiority of Europe. The more unexpectedly a steel results of this tournament. Russians could to be hooked only for bronze, having beaten in the last match of competitors from Poland with the account 3:1. Certainly, fans and experts, no less than sportswomen, are disappointed. What has prevented our command to act more successfully? Hardly here pertinently to expostulate only on a lot in which result Russian national teams and Italy has met already at a semi-final stage. Failure roots are covered more deeply. Even during tournament experts marked rough, and sometimes and frankly nervous game of our volleyball players. There was no confidence of actions, there was no concentration and coordinations in game. And especially obvious all it was just in a semifinal match with Italians when competitors from time to time completely dictated a game course. As a result even the won bronze medals won in last meeting of the championship from Poland national team, became cold comfort for Russians. Too the ambiguous impression was left by game of our command on tournament. Critics have hastened to accuse at once in all the Italian instructor of our command - Giovanni Kapraru. And, as many fans, at all without the bases will agree. a trainer`s hand worked on a tournament course already as - that too awkwardly. Heads of the All-Russia federation of volleyball also publicly recognised results of competitions unsatisfactory. Whether however will follow now orgvyvody - while it is not clear. Meanwhile, the subsequent news about nevkljuchenii our command in structure of participants of a World Cup starting on November, 2nd in Japan became one more affliction for a national team and its fans. Despite only third place occupied with Russians in the European championship, they, nevertheless, had a chance to get on a World Cup. In the event that organizers of tournament - in the name of Japanese volleyball association - have given to our command wild card. However the Japanese party has decided to give the given possibility to the mentioned Poland national team, and also a command of Dominican republic. Hit on the given tournament was especially desirable as the commands which have taken first three places, directly get to number of participants of the Olympic Games - 2008 in Beijing. Thus, - to operating world champions - for hit on the Olympic tournament it will be necessary for Russian national team to act successfully on qualifying tournament in German Halle which will pass in the middle of January. And if this attempt appears unsuccessful - that it will be really very sad.