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The Russian sportsmen have got to a trap from - for a tsunami to Indonesia

8 Russians - representatives of association kajtbordinga have appeared in an emergency on island Sipora, (group of islands Mentavai, Indonesia). The nearest airport - in that suffered city of Padang.
the group under the direction of the president of association kajtbordinga - Ilya Vinokurova was in Indonesia where spent trainings. Earthquakes, a tsunami - have paralysed transport system.
yacht changes have addressed in insurance company Global Voyager Assistance in which have been insured. The insurer has refused to recognise a situation insured event then yacht changes have requested evacuation at own expense. Have paid a charter (26. 000 dollars), but the company on - former does not undertake actions on evacuation of Russians. The island is in ocean, is cut off from the large transport centres. The infrastructure is damaged by earthquake.
Ilya Vinokurov - heads committee kajtbordinga in the All-Russia Federation of Sailing and is the Champion of Russia on kajtbordingu 2004. Today he has addressed in VFPS, with the request to be connected to a situation and to assist.
chief executive VFPS - Oscar Konjuhov: We worry about destiny of our colleagues and compatriots. Indonesia is known for the perfect conditions for employment kajtingom. Set of the bays, steady winds and absence of the big wave. Our yacht changes trained on island Sipora within the limits of preparation for the World championship. Considering that fact that the government of Indonesia has asked the help for the world community in elimination of consequences of earthquake - we understand that a situation in region the critical. Members of our sports federation have appeared hostages a swagger - major circumstances, and we try to find out, why Global Voyager Assistance having received payment for emergency evacuation, cannot execute obligations. Also VFPS has directed inquiry to Embassy of the Russian Federation to Indonesia .