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Ibragimov: Holifild dangerously works as a head and elbows

the World champion in a super heavyweight under version WBO Sultan Ibragimov who is going to leave on October, 13th on a ring in Moscow against eks - world champion Evandera Holifilda, has told, how there passes preparation and that he thinks of the contender. when I have arrived to Moscow on a press - conference and have learnt that fight with Ruslanom Chagaevym will not take place, I, of course, very much rasstoilsja, but could change nothing, - the Sultan speaks. - people sometimes are ill, happens. And boxers - the same people . We will remind that on a press - conferences on August, 2nd organizers of boxing show in Moscow declared that party Ruslana Chagaeva has given documents of medical character from which follows that from - for sudden illnesses the Uzbek boxer cannot leave on a ring. Has passed less week, and Ibragimov has signed the contract on fight against a legend of boxing of Evandera Holifilda. Actually, Holfilda know all, - the Sultan marks. - all about it heard, and when you are going to fight with such contender, all attention is paid to you, and you want to prove to be in fight " more;. The boxer has refused to open the system of preparation for fight, but has explained that together with trainer Jeff Mejvezerom has studied a manner of conducting fight by Holifldom and prepares even for the most unpleasant surprises. it dirty enough fighter, dangerously works as the head, - Ibragimov tells. - Uses not only a head, but also elbows - to all it needs to be ready . Fight of Ibragimova against Holifilda has already received the big resonance. With - the promoter of Sultan Ibragimova Oscar De La Hojja has published the post card in which has invited the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to fight in Moscow, and it gives Ibragimovu additional motivation. Certainly, it is very important, if you know that the head of the state looks at you, there is an additional responsibility, - the boxer considers. - I will be very glad, if it can be present on a duel, but it will not prevent me to show the best, on what I am capable. It is very important that the President now is supported of the people, always makes positive impression. Certainly, I would like, that the President was present on boxing show, - the champion continues. - I would not began to invite him. Understand, I yet have not reached top, have not earned the right to do such offers, but presence of the President will be for me a great honour .
the Press - service of Federation of professional boxing of Russia (FPBR)